Monday, 17 March 2014

Signs Of Things To Come?

Boris's Outer London Fund (OLF) money is still being spent in Central Road as a few local businesses take up the offer to have their shop fronts enhanced a bit. Here's a bit of a picture record of the progress of some, for those interested.

The feeling from some shopkeepers is that the work has taken a great deal longer than if they had organised it themselves (several weeks against a few days) and that even though they were paying nothing or very little towards the work, the money being spent overall on each job was much more than they would have paid had they been buying the work themselves. (Between two and four times as much were some of the figures suggested to me.)

Obviously for a shop, going without its signage for many weeks is not going to have any sort of positive impact on business.

I have heard a similar story regarding the cost of the works (quoted) from some businesses in North Cheam too where these works are just starting up now.

On the bright side the new signage and awnings (still coming - at least one on Sole II Sole is anyway) should hopefully add a bit of a boost to the high street.

There is still more to do. The Chinese herbal medicine shop had just been started and apparently Nefis is going to have some work done as well (They'll need to wear sunglasses for that one.)

Broadway Bargains got a new coat of paint too.

A couple of other shops have taken it upon themselves to upgrade their own signage a bit also. Moonlight Hair Salon has been putting the finishing touches on a new front and in case you missed it on Friday, H&T pawnbrokers looked like they were getting their signage done too.

Except that they weren't. They were just fixing their security shutter and had to remove the front sign to do it.