Friday, 28 March 2014

Ross At A Loss

A local shopkeeper was mortified that his photo has appeared on a Lib Dem political leaflet without his knowledge or approval. Ross Nelson who has run Ross Fruiterers on Central Road for over 24 years appeared with the three Liberal Democrat council candidates (although Stephen Fenwick is now no longer standing as a Lib Dem) on the party's February leaflet.

A section from the Lib Dem leaflet
A rather exasperated Ross told the blog that
everyone had been winding him up about it. He continued:
"Three people came in and asked for a photo with me. I didn't know who they were so I just said ok. They didn't tell me they were Liberal Democrats, or that the photo was going to be used on one of their leaflets."
Not a fan

Last year Ross was obliged to shorten his pavement display to one metre after complaints that the 1.5 metres he had been using for over two decades was making it difficult for pedestrians to pass.

Ross commented:
"It cost me £500 per week to lose that extra display area but I understand that everyone needs to use the pavement. What upset me though was the way they treated me.
It was only Cllr Stuart Gordon Bullock who told me there was a scheduled meeting at the council to discuss my license and that I should receive a letter inviting me to go and put my position across. No such letter ever arrived. The letter that did arrive was the one telling me my license had been reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter. 
It was only afterwards I found out the first letter was sent to the wrong address. How does the council expect me to put my case across if they send the letter to the wrong address? They clearly know the address of my shop."

A section from one of the letters sent to Ross is reproduced here on the right. You can clearly see it has been sent (by hand) to 511 London Road, North Cheam. This is the address of a Chinese Restaurant. You can also see that they didn't manage to work out which name was Ross's Surname.

Ross went on to say:

"I'm sick of this council in Sutton. I would have done anything for this town but not now. I've had enough. This thing with the Lib Dem leaflet was the last straw."