Sunday, 16 March 2014

Marsden Marchers

If you live in one of the bits of Worcester Park close to London Road you may have noticed a) queueing traffic on one side on London Road but not the other, and b) lots of people walking down the road.

This was the Marsden March - where 5,000 people walk 14 miles from the Royal Marsden hospital in Chelsea down to the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton. To attract an many people as possible they promise that the route will include Worcester Park, which is the undoubted highlight of the trip (even though in reality they only manage to catch a glimpse of the great suburb from their lesser route through North Cheam.) Our humble area does however mark the ten mile point of the walk - perhaps useful info for the next pub quiz...

The reason for the queueing traffic is that the designated London Road crossing point is the zebra crossing just near Langley Avenue. This means a 5,000 strong semi-permanent stream of people having right of way over traffic in London Road, leading to tailbacks up from Stonecot Hill on one side and down past Cheam Common Road on the other. Is also means the road is nice and clear if you happen to be travelling away from that particular crossing.

The March is limited to 5,000 people because apparently that is the maximum number of people who can march in something like this without police requiring road closures and taking other measures.

This is apparently the fourth such Marsden March and it has been becoming more popular each year. They are aiming to raise £1.25 million this year but the blog understands that they often do better than the official aim and they are hoping for they might even reach £1.5 million!

Good luck and well done to everyone taking part!