Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Local Thief Sent Down

A local criminal was was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of theft from motor vehicles in Worcester Park. 20 year old Lucas George Errol O'Neil, who lived in Creston Way was sentenced along with 19 year old James Watson from Mitcham at Croydon Magistrates court yesterday (Tuesday, 11th March). They were given 12 weeks each.

The pair were caught red handed in Longfellow Road in the early hours of Monday 10th March (that would be late on Sunday night to you and me) hiding amongst foliage in a back garden next to a shed.

The police received a call from a local resident just after 2:30am after seeing two men trying to open door handles in Beaumont Drive on the Hamptons before heading into Portland Close. Officers arrived on the scene and closed in when O'Neil and Watson activated a security light behind Sherbrooke Way. Officers found a BMW with its interior light on and the glovebox open with the contents spread over the passenger seat.

O'Neil and Watson could then be heard by officers climbing over fence panels in gardens along Portland Close and Beaumont Drive. The Dog Unit called to the scene found O'Neil's Blackberry mobile phone in one of the gardens. The dog tracked them to Longfellow Road where O'Neil and Watson were arrested for theft from a motor vehicle.

Watson was wearing a rucksack when arrested. One victim found that his Nike rucksack which contained a white towel was missing. The rucksack that was in Watson's possession contained a white towel.