Thursday, 6 March 2014

Have Some Cake

A few weeks ago, while writing about one of the Ragdolls Play events, I mentioned they were teaming up with Cakes by Caroline, a new cake decorating business in the area.

Carol is looking to take the idea one step further and is looking for people who may be willing to accept free cake and childrens entertainment - in return for some feedback...

Carol told the blog:
"I am a local Mum who has just been made redundant from my day job and I have set up my own cake business.  I want to be able to offer cupcake decorating parties for children and need some help with testing out my ideas…
I am looking for a local family with a child (or children) aged between 8 and 13 years who would be willing to host a cupcake party.  I would need 6-8 children to attend, the party would be free - I would bring all the equipment, cakes etc and would tidy up afterwards.  All you would need to provide is a large table and washing up facilities.  The children would get to keep their creations afterwards.  I would need the children (and the parents) to provide me with feedback."
Carol has got a lot of ideas worked up, but no one to test them out on as her 2 children are too young and she only really know Mums with children under 4.

If you and your children would like to help Carol by decorating and eating cake and then telling her about the experience, please get in touch through her Facebook page or by email to