Monday, 17 March 2014

Are You Free For Breakfast?

Christ Church with St Philip are offering a free community breakfast every Wednesday to encourage school children to eat a proper morning meal before going to school.

Parents, carers and children can eat and chat together each Wednesday morning between 7:30 and 8:30 at the community centre attached to the church on the corner of Ruskin Drive and Cheam Common Road. Cereal, toast and fruit juice are all available free of charge as well as tea and coffee for the grown ups.

Elizabeth Andrews, the Centre Manager told the blog:
"We have had anecdotal evidence that some children are going to school in the morning without breakfast as their parents/carers cannot afford to feed them.  If this is the case we would like to try and help and this is our admittedly small start to try and address this."
There is an opportunity to make a donation towards the breakfast for those who can do so. But nobody will be checked to see who does and who doesn't or how much people put in. This is about making sure all local children have a chance to go to school on a good breakfast.