Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Sing Song At The HG Wells

Well I finally did it. Having hardly picked up a guitar for years I decided to go along to the Open Mic night at the HG Wells a couple of Thursday's ago and see if I could still squeeze out a few tunes. This is the Open Mic night which was started up back in May last year by Ben and Tixia Henderson (of Steampunk Convivial fame) who have been doing these for years. It can now be found on the last Thursday of every month at the HG Wells on Cheam Common Road (what was previously The Drill).

The evening was very pleasant. Having run a small music studio and played in a few bands in my younger days, chatting with some of the other people there was a bit like finding an old part of myself. Everyone was very supportive and there were some very talented people to listen to and a enjoy a beer with.

Ben very kindly lent me his guitar (to use mine would have required a separate microphone) and then joined in on accordion while another talented bod, Eugene added some saxophone. It was just like old days!

Afterwards Stewart (@mackay_wp) who had popped along with me and I ended up chatting with Ben and Tixia about a very interesting possible project for Worcester Park - more on that later...

In the meanwhile though, if you are (even just a little) musically inclined, pop down to the HG Wells on the last Thursday of each month and let your inner musician out! The next one is Thursday 27th March. I highly recommend it!