Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You've Got Some Front

The basic new façade work at the top of central Road has finally been revealed in all it's glory. The scaffolding which went up three and a half months ago was taken down yesterday and today leaving the above street scape as of just after lunch today. There is more to be done - as you can see there is some painting in progress and there will be new awnings going up on the new shopfronts to help complete the 'look' but it looks like so far so good.

It has taken a bit longer than expected. I understand this is because there were some underlying problems with lintels. Hopefully we will see this phase of Boris's Out London Fund project completed before the summer.

On another positive note, I was told that the gentlemen doing the work here have been very professional and polite. I hope that has been everyone's experience.

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Suzy Sue said...

Looks much better now and it will be even easier on the eye when all the shop names are of a similar style, size and colour. I happened to be waiting for fish to be cooked in the Ocean Fish Bar back in the Autumn when the architect brought the plans in to show the fish shop proprietor exactly how it would look when completed - and all at no cost to the shop owners - and I have to say (because I am nosey enough to have taken a look) that its going to be really rather smart.

Alex said...

Most residents (and certainly most traders) will be aware that local councils have the powers and authority to compel landlords of commercial properties to maintain them at the landlord's expense.

However, Sutton Council's solution has been to spend (our) public money on private, commercial buildings. Effectively, they are allowing landlords of poorly maintained properties to sit back and enjoy the rewards of subsidies from the public purse.

Should we congratulate our Council's lack of judgement and backbone in tackling unconcerned landlords, by simply throwing public money at those who invest the least of their time, effort and money in the public realm? I would strongly argue 'No!'

Thus far, Sutton Council's use of "Boris Johnson's money" has resulted in a string of abject failures: Time will as to whether this project will last any longer than the wasted money on Victoria House's 'artwork', Cuddington Rec's 'lightweight' path and Central Road's 'mock-up' crossings (allegedly constructed with the wrong kind of adhesive - the mind boggles!).

However, quite regardless of how successful this particular paint job, this entirely avoidable expense should never have been met by the public purse. Looking at the 'before' images on Google, these buildings actually look quite well maintained.
Was there actually an existing problem with the maintenance of this parade of properties? Or has Sutton Council gone one better this time and invested public money in building maintenance where there was absolutely no need and therefore no case to spend public funds?

Barry said...

Ah yes.... much easier on the eye for everyone stuck in the traffic!

RobC said...

Does anyone know what the sign in the stonework above one of the units refers to?
I think it says something like 'The Broadway Market'.

Guest said...

I believe 'The Broadway Market' was the colloquial (if not official name) when the parade was originally built. I think the date is also shown alongside the name: 1934 or 1936, from memory.
Incidentally, the natural stone finish looked to be holding up against the elements pretty well - a credit to those who designed and built them. But then, 80 years after being designed to be left untouched and happily, succeeding to, Sutton Council have painted the stonework that wasn't designed to be painted.

And don't forget, however good the newly applied paint, it will obviously degrade and need far more regular maintenance than natural stone, which was designed to be left unpainted . . .

So who now has the responsibility of maintaining Sutton Council's handiwork in the future?
And who picks up the future costs of this now artificially created maintenance liability?
And don't forget, since the area is pretty difficult to access and will require the agreement of all the landlords and tenants, so it'll be pretty costly, won't it?

Judging by the thoughtless designs and poor quality of the handiwork elsewhere (apparently conjured up by the same brains), I bet nobody Sutton Council even thought to consider such questions!

Guest said...

All bar two of the neon signs were lit yesterday evening and it looked really great. Come on Stitch Right and the accountants, join the party please :-)

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