Thursday, 6 February 2014

Water Time For Roadworks

It looks like Worcester Park's dedicated temporary traffic light system is to be dusted down after a short time in storage. What appeared to be an innocuous hole being dug next to the entrance to Stone Place looks likely to expand into a fully fledged digging up of Central Road in order to fix a leaking water main.

The gentleman I spoke to said he was waiting for Thames Water to arrive to confirm both that the leak was coming from around the middle of the main road and also that it was a Thames Water mains pipe (as apparently there is another water company's pipe - possibly Sutton and East Surrey Water under there too.)

Assuming this is all confirmed we should be seeing the pedestrian lights outside Costa Coffee switched off and Central Road reduced to a single alternating lane of traffic, just about in time for this evening's rush hour. And what with the tube strike causing even more traffic as people have no option but to drive, I'm guessing a lot of people will be refamiliarising themselves with the appearance of the vegetation along Malden Road this afternoon. It almost feels nostalgic.

The gentleman said that this should take less than a day to complete so *hopefully* you might get to complete tonight's journey home by lunch time tomorrow.

Update (around 4:30pm)

So far none of the activities leading to the threatened traffic armageddon have materialised. I noticed earlier this afternoon that the van had gone and there was no one to ask about what was now happening.

As you can see here, a short while ago the answer to that question would be 'nothing right now'. That's not to say there will still not be any disruption as we head into the evening. However it is looking less likely to me. I will keep you updated. But for now, it seems you might be safe to get in your car and head in a Worcester Parkly direction...

Update (around 9:50pm)

Well rush hour has come and gone (as has dinner time, and nearly bed time) and a collective sigh of relief has been breathed across Worcester Park as there has been no sign of the promised disruptions. Though they still might descend on us tomorrow...

Update (Friday Morning - 7th February)

Still no major roadworks - but the hole is still in the pavement...


Meah... it was nothing... hole filled in, all gone. False alarm... Nothing to see here...

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Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

Oh joy...! While they are digging up down that end, can they place the other set of temporary lights by The North End and repair the gaping hole that is appearing on the recently laid crossing by the Star Cars cab office..

Alex said...

You must mean that crossing that has already collapsed been replaced once before? [And I notice, on the other side of the road, the Tarmac next to the crossing is also splitting apart. Meanwhile, at the other crossing, down the hill, the outermost stones are collapsing too, no doubt soon to follow in the footsteps of their neighbour].

I know it sounds a really, really wild suggestion, but I wondered if putting a civil engineer in charge of civil engineering projects would help? It might assist Sutton's Outer London Fund to aspire to higher things than an aimless cash burning exercise, with repeat prescriptions of road works. [Just a thought].

cogarch said...

This report surely comes under the category of "Small hole in Worcester Park pavement. Few inconvenienced". As they say, no news is good news.

Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

Drove up the high street at lunchtime and if by magic - the hole in the crossing has been filled in . Wonders will never cease.

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