Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Say What You Think To Win £25

A young local 3rd year undergraduate at Portsmouth Universtity has contacted the blog to ask for help with his dissertation which is all about social media within a community. Being that Worcester Park has been the town where he has lived since the age of 4, he has chosen to base it in Worcester Park.

The student, Jon Sorenti wants to find out how the social media surrounding the blog, (i.e. the Facebook page and the Twitter account as well as the blog) impacts on the local community and also how it compares to the Worcester Park Life magazine.

A few weeks ago I sat down with Jon for about an hour and answered questions about the blog from my perspective, taking him through it's history how I think it benefits the community.

The next part is down to you dear reader. Jon has devised a questionnaire which I have agreed to post here (below) which he would like you to fill in. In fact he would like you to fill it in so much that he is offering a £25 John Lewis/Waitrose voucher to one respondent picked at random from all the completed questionnaire filler-iners.

It's quite short and it really just to gain your perspective on how you use the blog and it's facebook and twitter account. So for your chance to win a £25 John Lewis/Waitrose shopping extravaganza (that's marketing speak for a voucher), get to it and fill in the questionnaire below...