Sunday, 16 February 2014

Marathon Charity Run

A local girl is looking to raise £4000 running in the London Marathon for the Tadworth Childrens Trust Charity. Hayley Wooldridge who lives in the Hamptons has been out training with her friend, Laura Treadaway, for the big event on April 13th come rain, hail or shine (but mostly rain). They have already managed to raise close to £1500.

Both Hayley and Laura have had to juggle training with full time jobs (Hayley works for Fulham Football Club) and family comittments (they have 2 kids and a husband / boyfriend each) so it hasn't been easy staying committed but apparently they never miss a session.

Hayley has ran the marathon before for the trust and the blog understand that all her friends and family cannot wait to watch her run again! She went to Glenthorne High School in Suton where she was a bit of a sports star apparently. It seems a few of her high school sporting records still haven't been beaten!

You can support Hayley and Laura by donating to their cause here. We'll be looking forward to celebrating another local champion in April (hopefully)...