Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Look At Me, I'm Closed

A few weeks ago I noticed that the Look @ Me hair and beauty salon was shrouded in darkness and there were a bunch of notices in the window offering various aspects of the business for rent and the whole thing for sale. Intrigued, I phoned the number (there were actually two of them - one for the rental stuff and one for the overall business) and left a message and was at last contacted by the owner. Unfortunately I wasn't planning to make an offer - What I know about hair and beauty could be written on the back of a postage stamp - by an infant camel, without a pen.

It seems that the current owner (who has had other businesses in the area) had put money in and bought the business to help the previous owner and had kept the previous owner and other staff on. Unfortunately some *things* occurred late last year and the owner decided it was better to close the shop entirely and try to sell the whole business. (Sorry, it's probably best not to go into more detail...) It's been closed since the beginning of the year.

Anyway the owner is asking £48,500 for the business. He is willing to consider reasonable offers and you can contact him by emailing if you are interested.

So there is unfortunately another closed business to add to the total. As blog reader Chloe pointed out, the cab office (CSC cars) was under refurbishment and now seems to be open and the grey office next to Born Sushi is an office so that's two now off the list of closed shops. I'm also guessing the old flower shop near the station will be opening as a plumbing and heating suppliers 'fairly soon' so we might be down to around 17 closed shops. It would be nice to get down to single figures!