Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Emergency In The Hamptons

For those wondering what on earth must have been happening in the Hamptons this evening, here is what I have managed to glean: Sometime around 7pm a man was seen walking down towards / into the lake in Mayflower Park (in the Hamptons). Apparently he did not come back out again. The woman who saw him contacted the police and reported the strange behaviour.

Given that it could have been a fatality, the red button was pressed and every emergency service vehicle from here to who knows where converged on the Hamptons. Well there were a lot of them anyway. Someone counted five fire engines and I saw at least 4 other emergency vehicles. A helicopter was brought in with thermal imaging equipment and an inflatable boat was taken out onto the water to search for the man or his body.

The helicopter reported that there was no one in the water and no one else found anything having searched the lake in the boat and also the area surrounding the lake. 

Having done all they could do, they called off the search and presumable all went home. Hopefully that is that and everyone is safe.

Update (around 3pm, Wednesday 19th Feb)

Apparently the man was "naked apart from his socks and t-shirt, running towards the lakes" and was seen just before 5:30pm. For more information see the Sutton Guardian website here.