Thursday, 20 February 2014

Can You Help Track Someone Down?

I received a slightly cryptic message today requesting help to find a specific acquaintance of a soon to be centenarian.

The message read:
"Please help, if you can. I am trying to locate a Mrs Shore, who may be a relative or a friend of a lady by the name of Miss J. Keyes, who is about to reach a mile stone of 100 Yrs. If anyone would know of such persons, could they contact Dorothy Burt or Cara King, at Newmarket Holidays in Worcester Park. This is important, as we have received something to our company by accident. Many Thanks."
So if you know any of the above mentioned people please contact Dorothy or Cara. Newmarket Holidays can be found at McMillan House, Cheam Common Road, KT4 8RQ. You can also phone them on 0843 316 1156 however calls to this number are charged at 4p per min so you might want to think twice before agreeing to be put on hold.

Update (Friday 21st February)

Their direct number is 0208 335 5160.