Sunday, 9 February 2014

Back To Black

Early January
The bullet has been bitten; the crumbling stonework hole at the top of Central Road has been fixed. Well... not so much as fixed as filled with bitumen.

Blog readers will remember back in October the stonework starting to fail having been fixed the first time in August after failing just two months after first being laid. Since then the stonework has continued to disintegrate - See left.

Last week
Does this mean that the drive to improve Worcester Park has been abandoned in favour of quick fixes - before the project has even finished? I can only guess it was the most preferable option given that fixing it properly would have meant closing off half of Central Road in that spot for weeks for the third time in 6 months to fix a job that should have been done properly the first time.

So what then does this mean for the other sections of these 'crossings' that are now starting to fail (see photos below - all taken earlier today)? Will we see these patched up with tarmac also (although I suspect they will be ignored for a while first)? It seems like a rather sad conclusion to all this money being spent.