Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Cover Up

... So hello and welcome to this week's episode of "What are they doing with the crossings?"

In our last episode, readers will remember that after temporarily filling the crumbling stonework hole with bitumen, a week later this was dug up again and new stonework was laid - apparently this time they thought they might like to use the 'right type of bonding agent'.

This week the 'Attack of the tarmac' continues as the grey stone edging blocks on the south side (traffic travelling down the hill towards the station) of both crossings has now been covered up with bitumen. Could it be that what lies beneath (pictured right) is now so hideous that it dare not show it's stony face any more? Where will the tarmacing strike next? Is this another temporary job - are we in for more traffic delays while they close half the road to deal (yet again) with the underlying problems? Or is this destined to be a permanent patchwork of second choice road surfaces?

Tune in next time to see if anything is actually fixed...

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Stewart Mackay Conservative WP said...

Measure twice, cut once is what my dad used to say! How much is this all costing us? Last week we had temporary lights, holding up all the traffic through Central Road for 4 days waiting for 5 paving slabs to dry! This week its a cover up ... literally!

Alex said...

From memory, this is would be the Sutton Outer London Fund Disaster Squad's attempt number #4 at building an impression of (as opposed to a real) crossing that doesn't rapidly fall to bits under normal use.

Noting that the original road (which was there from before this dreadful advert for Sutton Council mismanagement got underway) is still in a far better state than anything they have touched, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" is certainly a phrase that comes to mind.

Spud said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if in the next year or two the whole paving area is covered in tarmac and we are pretty much basically back to the road that was there!! Tell you something...I remember seeing the drawings for the whole of the central road redevelopement...and it doesn't really live up to their expectation!

Guest said...

One thing's for sure: putting the road back to how it was would be the best outcome for us all, and probably cheaper within no time - and ditto everything else the Outer London Farce has squandered money on!

I remember those plans too, especially Central Road being represented as a long, wide, deserted space, with just one or two cars along its entire length! - Oh, come off it! That's not artistic licence, that's just a pathetic land of make believe!

If you look in the window of the Funeral Director's, you can see old photos of Central Road from the 1950s - and there was far more traffic about even then.

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