Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Cover Up

... So hello and welcome to this week's episode of "What are they doing with the crossings?"

In our last episode, readers will remember that after temporarily filling the crumbling stonework hole with bitumen, a week later this was dug up again and new stonework was laid - apparently this time they thought they might like to use the 'right type of bonding agent'.

This week the 'Attack of the tarmac' continues as the grey stone edging blocks on the south side (traffic travelling down the hill towards the station) of both crossings has now been covered up with bitumen. Could it be that what lies beneath (pictured right) is now so hideous that it dare not show it's stony face any more? Where will the tarmacing strike next? Is this another temporary job - are we in for more traffic delays while they close half the road to deal (yet again) with the underlying problems? Or is this destined to be a permanent patchwork of second choice road surfaces?

Tune in next time to see if anything is actually fixed...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Look At Me, I'm Closed

A few weeks ago I noticed that the Look @ Me hair and beauty salon was shrouded in darkness and there were a bunch of notices in the window offering various aspects of the business for rent and the whole thing for sale. Intrigued, I phoned the number (there were actually two of them - one for the rental stuff and one for the overall business) and left a message and was at last contacted by the owner. Unfortunately I wasn't planning to make an offer - What I know about hair and beauty could be written on the back of a postage stamp - by an infant camel, without a pen.

It seems that the current owner (who has had other businesses in the area) had put money in and bought the business to help the previous owner and had kept the previous owner and other staff on. Unfortunately some *things* occurred late last year and the owner decided it was better to close the shop entirely and try to sell the whole business. (Sorry, it's probably best not to go into more detail...) It's been closed since the beginning of the year.

Anyway the owner is asking £48,500 for the business. He is willing to consider reasonable offers and you can contact him by emailing if you are interested.

So there is unfortunately another closed business to add to the total. As blog reader Chloe pointed out, the cab office (CSC cars) was under refurbishment and now seems to be open and the grey office next to Born Sushi is an office so that's two now off the list of closed shops. I'm also guessing the old flower shop near the station will be opening as a plumbing and heating suppliers 'fairly soon' so we might be down to around 17 closed shops. It would be nice to get down to single figures!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You've Got Some Front

The basic new fa├žade work at the top of central Road has finally been revealed in all it's glory. The scaffolding which went up three and a half months ago was taken down yesterday and today leaving the above street scape as of just after lunch today. There is more to be done - as you can see there is some painting in progress and there will be new awnings going up on the new shopfronts to help complete the 'look' but it looks like so far so good.

It has taken a bit longer than expected. I understand this is because there were some underlying problems with lintels. Hopefully we will see this phase of Boris's Out London Fund project completed before the summer.

On another positive note, I was told that the gentlemen doing the work here have been very professional and polite. I hope that has been everyone's experience.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Appeal Is Now An Inquiry

The appeal against the Council decision not to allow 2-4 Green Lane to become a Mosque has got the go ahead and has morphed into an Inquiry. Many people will have received the letter below in this mornings post stating that the the appeal will be across two days, the 8th and 9th of April and will be held at the Salvation Army centre at 45 Benhill Road in Sutton, SM1 4DD.

This is of course the combined appeal against both Sutton Council decisions to reject the application for a change of use of the building to a place of worship. The first application was submitted back in July 2012 and galvanised the community to help fight the plans due to the additional traffic and parking problems any place of formal gathering would cause at this site. The application was rejected unanimously by the Sutton Council Development Control Committee on the 3rd December 2012.

The applicant then lodged a separate, slightly adjusted application and almost immediately afterwards lodged an appeal against the original rejection which was set to be heard on the 26th November last year. Once again the local community got to work gathering petition signatures and writing letters of objection to the new application. This application was also unanimously rejected by the Development Control Committee on the 25th September 2013.

The second rejection was then appealed by the applicant and the planing inspectorate decided to hear both appeals in conjunction. That co-joined appeal has become an Inquiry. In the words of one Guest D, a regular contributor to this blog:
"If the appeal had been upheld that would be game over and work could start on the conversion to a Mosque. 
What appears to have happened is that PCS have been persuaded that there is sufficient grounds for the objection and have decided on a public enquiry. The dates are evidence to be presented by 11 Mar 2014 and the enquiry will be held on the 8th Apr 2014. 
The objectors were pushing for this as they could then use legal representation to argue their case, the council were aiming for a summary hearing."
So now it is time to gear up to fight this appeal and ensure the Inquiry understands the severity of the existing traffic situation in Worcester Park and Green Lane and the soundness of the decision made by the Development Control Committee on both occasions.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shearing Stu

Stu Gravestock, regular spinner of vinyl at Centrals Bar is offering up three years worth of flowing locks in order to raise money for his nephew's 3yo son Hayden who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia over Christmas.

Hayden is being treated at The Royal Marsden in Sutton for the next three and a half years. The money raised will help to meet the costs of maintaining a stable home for Hayden along with comfortable transport and the possibility of a family holiday.

The event, which should be sheer entertainment (see what I did there?...), will form the centrepiece of a night of entertainment at Centrals Bar next Saturday (1st March - that's not this one coming but the following one).

In addition to Stu's head being shaved, you'll be able to enjoy him spinning a few tunes plus some others later on from DJ Dizzle. There will be karaoke as well for those who prefer to entertain than be entertained. They have also organised an auction and raffle with items/prizes including a '4 ball' round of golf, signed football t-shirts and other interesting goodies, some supplied by our own Worcester Park local shops.

As the whole evening is a charitable event to raise money for Hayden, tickets (of which there are only around 30 left at the time of writing) are £10 each which covers entry and entertainment and so all of this goes straight into the fund. All the entertainment is being donated to the cause and Steve and Sarah (who own and run Centrals) are even putting in a large chunk of the bar takings into the fund too.

Tickets are available from Centrals Bar, so pop in a get one and then spend next Saturday night having a bit of fun while helping a family in difficult circumstances.

For more information about how you can help Hayden, see the facebook page here and for more information about the event see this facebook page here.

Update (9th March)

So last Saturday Stu was duly shorn and the event raised around £2,400 which has paid the deposit for a new car to transport Hayden to and from the Marsden in comfort. The night was sold out and according to Stu there was a brilliant atmosphere with many locals in attendance. Thanks all for your support.

Can You Help Track Someone Down?

I received a slightly cryptic message today requesting help to find a specific acquaintance of a soon to be centenarian.

The message read:
"Please help, if you can. I am trying to locate a Mrs Shore, who may be a relative or a friend of a lady by the name of Miss J. Keyes, who is about to reach a mile stone of 100 Yrs. If anyone would know of such persons, could they contact Dorothy Burt or Cara King, at Newmarket Holidays in Worcester Park. This is important, as we have received something to our company by accident. Many Thanks."
So if you know any of the above mentioned people please contact Dorothy or Cara. Newmarket Holidays can be found at McMillan House, Cheam Common Road, KT4 8RQ. You can also phone them on 0843 316 1156 however calls to this number are charged at 4p per min so you might want to think twice before agreeing to be put on hold.

Update (Friday 21st February)

Their direct number is 0208 335 5160.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Say What You Think To Win £25

A young local 3rd year undergraduate at Portsmouth Universtity has contacted the blog to ask for help with his dissertation which is all about social media within a community. Being that Worcester Park has been the town where he has lived since the age of 4, he has chosen to base it in Worcester Park.

The student, Jon Sorenti wants to find out how the social media surrounding the blog, (i.e. the Facebook page and the Twitter account as well as the blog) impacts on the local community and also how it compares to the Worcester Park Life magazine.

A few weeks ago I sat down with Jon for about an hour and answered questions about the blog from my perspective, taking him through it's history how I think it benefits the community.

The next part is down to you dear reader. Jon has devised a questionnaire which I have agreed to post here (below) which he would like you to fill in. In fact he would like you to fill it in so much that he is offering a £25 John Lewis/Waitrose voucher to one respondent picked at random from all the completed questionnaire filler-iners.

It's quite short and it really just to gain your perspective on how you use the blog and it's facebook and twitter account. So for your chance to win a £25 John Lewis/Waitrose shopping extravaganza (that's marketing speak for a voucher), get to it and fill in the questionnaire below...

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Emergency In The Hamptons

For those wondering what on earth must have been happening in the Hamptons this evening, here is what I have managed to glean: Sometime around 7pm a man was seen walking down towards / into the lake in Mayflower Park (in the Hamptons). Apparently he did not come back out again. The woman who saw him contacted the police and reported the strange behaviour.

Given that it could have been a fatality, the red button was pressed and every emergency service vehicle from here to who knows where converged on the Hamptons. Well there were a lot of them anyway. Someone counted five fire engines and I saw at least 4 other emergency vehicles. A helicopter was brought in with thermal imaging equipment and an inflatable boat was taken out onto the water to search for the man or his body.

The helicopter reported that there was no one in the water and no one else found anything having searched the lake in the boat and also the area surrounding the lake. 

Having done all they could do, they called off the search and presumable all went home. Hopefully that is that and everyone is safe.

Update (around 3pm, Wednesday 19th Feb)

Apparently the man was "naked apart from his socks and t-shirt, running towards the lakes" and was seen just before 5:30pm. For more information see the Sutton Guardian website here.

Fixing It Again

The pleasant looking stones are going in again at the 'crossing' at the top of Central Road (opposite Balmoral Road). It seems the recent bitumen patch in there was only a temporary measure as the temporary traffic lights are back from their holiday and are now back at work holding up traffic in Worcester Park for the replacement stones to be set in place and the cement to dry.

Apparently the 'wrong type of bonding agent' was used when these stones were first laid which is why they all broke up. Hopefully we can now therefore all assume that 'this time' they have used the 'right type of bonding agent' and that we will definitely not see any repeat of the crumbling stonework that has beset these crossings since they were first put in.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Bus Fire

The S3 bus caught fire this evening travelling up Green Lane. The fire apparently started under the dashboard at around 8:15pm and luckily the driver was able to get the few passengers and himself off the bus before the front of the bus exploded into flame. Police and firefighters arrived on the scene, just north of Pembury Avenue, around 8:30, blocking the road both ways there and put the fire out leaving the acrid smelling blackened mess that now remains.

The blog understands that the wreck should be removed some time this evening.

Thanks to blog reader Vaughan who was on the bus when it caught fire for the top picture.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Marathon Charity Run

A local girl is looking to raise £4000 running in the London Marathon for the Tadworth Childrens Trust Charity. Hayley Wooldridge who lives in the Hamptons has been out training with her friend, Laura Treadaway, for the big event on April 13th come rain, hail or shine (but mostly rain). They have already managed to raise close to £1500.

Both Hayley and Laura have had to juggle training with full time jobs (Hayley works for Fulham Football Club) and family comittments (they have 2 kids and a husband / boyfriend each) so it hasn't been easy staying committed but apparently they never miss a session.

Hayley has ran the marathon before for the trust and the blog understand that all her friends and family cannot wait to watch her run again! She went to Glenthorne High School in Suton where she was a bit of a sports star apparently. It seems a few of her high school sporting records still haven't been beaten!

You can support Hayley and Laura by donating to their cause here. We'll be looking forward to celebrating another local champion in April (hopefully)...

Friday, 14 February 2014

Dorchester Primary Headteacher Dies

The blog is sorry to report the death of Louise Austin, Head Teacher at Dorchester Primary School who passed away on Wednesday (12th February). Louise, who leaves behind her husband, Howard and three children had been suffering from cancer for a while.

Louise began her career at a  primary school in Hackney in 1983 where she taught all primary subjects in Key Stage 2 and became the Maths subject Leader. In 1987 she moved to a school in Roehampton where she continued to develop her skills as a Maths Subject Leader and took over the management of PE as well. In 1990 Louise moved to Merton and was promoted to Deputy Headteacher where she stayed for 7 years, developing her skills across Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and 2. She completed a Masters Degree in 2005 which focused on the inclusion of all children in schools.

In 1997, Louise was made Headteacher at Cheam Park Farm Nursery & Infants’ School in North Cheam and then join Dorchester as Headteacher  in July 2006.

Louise's philosophy was that every child is unique and every child deserves the best education that we can possibly offer them. She realised this was difficult but believed it could be achieved through true partnership with parents, excellent channels of communication and strong team work within the school.

In a testament to her courage, strength and dedication, Louise continuing to lead the school throughout her illness, right up until the Friday before she died.

The School has released a statement saying:
"Our deepest sympathy goes out to Louise's husband, Howard, and their three children.
To us, Louise was an extraordinary teacher with many gifts.
She truly believed that every child deserved the very best education and always managed to find the certain something that made a child 'tick' and nurtured it with huge amounts of care. 
She was a strong and vibrant character who was excited and positive about the future of the school. 
Her absence will be sorely felt for a long time. 
We have received a great many messages of condolence and support here in school and they have been a great comfort. 
It is at times like this that you feel the benefits of being part of a close-knit school community that can pull together in times of difficulty."
In her spare time Louise enjoyed keeping fit and healthy at the gym, going to the theatre, concerts, listening to music and reading.

The school has set up a special email address for people to send messages of condolence to -

A book of condolence will also be available for people to sign at the entrance to the school and then after half-term from Monday, February 24, to Friday, February 28.

Rest In Peace Louise Austin.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Ragdolls, Cake and Coffee

I love it when I see local businesses teaming up and helping each other out. Tomorrow (Tuesday 11th February) and Friday (14th) morning, Cakes by Caroline will be teaming up with Ragdolls Play in the Scout hall in the corner of Braemar and Balmoral Roads. Caroline will be doing Valentine's cake decorating with the little ones in the morning and will (of course) have her cakes for sale there too. Caroline will also be taking orders on Tuesday for valentine's cupcakes if you wish to order some.

Ragdolls also have another special offer for blog readers! If you happen to know the secret code word, you will receive a free complimentary coffee (or other hot drink) on the house, gratis and without having to pay for it! The secret code word is: ragdollsblog2014. I'm not sure if there is an extra prize for finding a way to utter it nonchalantly within a normal conversation...

I've taken WP junior along to Ragdolls a couple of time now and he has enjoyed it both times. I think he might be addicted to bouncy castles though...

Ragdolls opening times are now:
Mondays- 9.15-12.30pm
Tuesday- 9.15-12.30pm
Wednesday- closed
Thursday- 9.15-4.00pm
Friday- 9.15-12.30pm

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Back To Black

Early January
The bullet has been bitten; the crumbling stonework hole at the top of Central Road has been fixed. Well... not so much as fixed as filled with bitumen.

Blog readers will remember back in October the stonework starting to fail having been fixed the first time in August after failing just two months after first being laid. Since then the stonework has continued to disintegrate - See left.

Last week
Does this mean that the drive to improve Worcester Park has been abandoned in favour of quick fixes - before the project has even finished? I can only guess it was the most preferable option given that fixing it properly would have meant closing off half of Central Road in that spot for weeks for the third time in 6 months to fix a job that should have been done properly the first time.

So what then does this mean for the other sections of these 'crossings' that are now starting to fail (see photos below - all taken earlier today)? Will we see these patched up with tarmac also (although I suspect they will be ignored for a while first)? It seems like a rather sad conclusion to all this money being spent.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sporting Rootz

Two managers from the Worcester Park Colts Football Club have set up a football school for 5 - 11 year olds to run during school holidays - including the coming half term. Rootz Soccer School has been started by Westley and Jamie to give high quality football coaching to boys and girls in the area, from aspiring players to kids who are a bit bored to those whose parents can't afford a childminder...

The daily sessions run from 9am until 3pm from Monday the 17th of February until Friday the 21st. It costs £50 for one child for the entire week (which works out to £1.67 per hour) £40 for further siblings, or you can turn up on any of the days for £15 (provided there is space available). And yes you can drop them off there for the day.

According to Westley (and their literature) all their coaches are CRB checked, FA qualified to levels 1 and 2, and trained in both child protection and first aid. (I am not doubting any of this, I just haven't made independent checks myself.)

Westley told the blog that they had wanted to kick off the lessons at the Worcester Park Football Club in Green Lane using the new astroturf  (at the back, in place of the old tennis courts) but because of the weather the astroturf is not yet ready so they have had to move the event to Richard Challoner School on Manor Drive North (Malden Manor, KT3 5PE) until the new turf is ready.

They have taken their name from the concept that football and fun starts at the “Grass roots” and this is something they are keep to promote. They believe that when kids are having fun they learn more and that sports like this can help the kids to develop many skills not just football skills.

Click on the 'info' on the right to read more about their philosophy etc. And for more information contact Westley on 07557 003 000, Jamie on 07568 331 593 or see their facebook page here.

George And Bungle Launch JJ's Soft Play

Blog readers will remember the new JJ's Softy Play (in Stoneliegh Broadway) open day last Sunday. Hopefully several of you managed to make it down there with your little-uns.

I had a call from Julia (one of the Js) yesterday afternoon to tell me that George and Bungle from Rainbow (you know that TV show with zippy et al in it) will be there to launch their first proper day of being open this Monday (10th February). Doors will open at 9:30am but the official launch will take place around 10am.

The reason for the Rainbow connection ("Why are there so many songs about rainbows"... ahem) is that Julia used to work for the Rainbow Trust charity which is a charity for children with life threatening or terminal illnesses. JJ's has decided to remain closed to the public on the first Monday of each month, and open up the soft play for free for these children and their brothers and sisters. So as a thank you, the charity is sending over the rainbow mascots for the grand opening on Monday.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Water Time For Roadworks

It looks like Worcester Park's dedicated temporary traffic light system is to be dusted down after a short time in storage. What appeared to be an innocuous hole being dug next to the entrance to Stone Place looks likely to expand into a fully fledged digging up of Central Road in order to fix a leaking water main.

The gentleman I spoke to said he was waiting for Thames Water to arrive to confirm both that the leak was coming from around the middle of the main road and also that it was a Thames Water mains pipe (as apparently there is another water company's pipe - possibly Sutton and East Surrey Water under there too.)

Assuming this is all confirmed we should be seeing the pedestrian lights outside Costa Coffee switched off and Central Road reduced to a single alternating lane of traffic, just about in time for this evening's rush hour. And what with the tube strike causing even more traffic as people have no option but to drive, I'm guessing a lot of people will be refamiliarising themselves with the appearance of the vegetation along Malden Road this afternoon. It almost feels nostalgic.

The gentleman said that this should take less than a day to complete so *hopefully* you might get to complete tonight's journey home by lunch time tomorrow.

Update (around 4:30pm)

So far none of the activities leading to the threatened traffic armageddon have materialised. I noticed earlier this afternoon that the van had gone and there was no one to ask about what was now happening.

As you can see here, a short while ago the answer to that question would be 'nothing right now'. That's not to say there will still not be any disruption as we head into the evening. However it is looking less likely to me. I will keep you updated. But for now, it seems you might be safe to get in your car and head in a Worcester Parkly direction...

Update (around 9:50pm)

Well rush hour has come and gone (as has dinner time, and nearly bed time) and a collective sigh of relief has been breathed across Worcester Park as there has been no sign of the promised disruptions. Though they still might descend on us tomorrow...

Update (Friday Morning - 7th February)

Still no major roadworks - but the hole is still in the pavement...


Meah... it was nothing... hole filled in, all gone. False alarm... Nothing to see here...

Watch Out For This Scam

Below is an actual facebook conversation that occurred this evening. On the blog facebook page I tend to accept most people who make a friend request. I figure it is how some people keep up with postings etc. and well, wanting to include everyone... you know how it is...

Anyway, within minutes of accepting such a request from one 'Kirsten Morgan', 'she' struck up an odd conversation with me on the FB messaging service (as seen below).

This is actually the second time someone has tried a similar conversation with me. The first time I suggested I would 'consider' their advice and ignored it after that. But on seeing this one I recognised the pattern and saw it immediately for what it was. I feel it is worth alerting blog readers to it.

I'm not sure what would happen if I were to follow the instructions and send a friend request to this person at the end. It could be something as gauche as a direct attempt at low level identity theft or there may be some particularly sophisticated and clever virus embedded in that page somehow. Please let me know if you know what it's all about. Either way I would not recommend following the instructions.

Here is the conversation - please pardon my bad spelling - it was originally just quick messaging and not intended for public viewing...

Some people just don't seem to get when they've been rumbled! However if someone starts a conversation with you on facebook like this, especially if they're a 'new friend', I would be very wary...

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Local Lad's Artwork Needs Your Vote

Sam's design
A work by a budding local artist has been short listed to become the artwork used to promote an event known as We Day.

13 year old, Sam Goodwin who lives in Broadmead Avenue, Worcester Park found out about the competition from the aol (ISP) homepage and being a keen artist decided to enter. He has been fortunate enough to be shortlisted to the final six. The final winner is decided by the public who can vote here for their preferred design.

The winner of the competition will receive £1000 for their school, in this case Coombe Boys' School as well tickets for the Wembley arena We Day celebrations. If Sam is successful he would like the money to go towards the school mini bus that the Parents and Teachers are striving to raise funds for.

Sam has been fortune enough to win another drawing competition ran by The Camping & Caravan club. Sam is keen to follow a career involving art in some way, either as a graphic designer or a cartoonist.

If you would like to vote for Sam's design (or any other design - but I must admit I think Sam's is rather good...) just visit the voting page here and follow the basic instructions.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Stoneleigh Ladbrokes Robbery

The Ladbrokes betting shop in Stoneleigh Broadway was robbed on Saturday night (1st February) by a man who claimed to have a weapon. The hooded robber came in at around 8:50pm threatened the staff member, forcing him to open the safe and till before making off with a quantity of cash which he stuffed in a black bum bag, also believed taken from the shop.

The offender was described as a white man in his late 20's to 30's and having a local accent. He was apparently wearing a scarf, a black hooded, waist length jacket, light blue jeans, black and white trainers.

Luckily no-one was actually hurt, especially after the murder of Andrew Iacovou in their Morden branch in a similar incident.

A number of enquiries are being carried out in the local area and anyone who has information on this offence or who has seen anything suspicious in the area is urged to approach an officer and share this information with them.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Antony Preston, said: 
"Obviously this was a terrifying ordeal for the victim and I would like to reassure the community that we are doing all we can to find the person responsible as quickly as possible and bring them to justice. 
I would urge members of the public not to approach or challenge anyone matching the description of the offender but to contact officers immediately if you can identify him or know his whereabouts. 
Sometimes, for whatever reason, people may wish to provide information anonymously and this can be done through the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”
If you have information on this offence please contact Surrey Police urgently on 101 (999 in an emergency) quoting reference P14031350. If you would like to provide information anonymously the independent charity Crimestoppers can be contacted on 0800 555 111. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ah There it is!

Wandering up Central Road this evening I noticed a square of light in Windsor Road where a bollard ought to go. A quick scan revealed the missing bollard snuggled up against the Worcester Park Dentists, I suspect placed there by a concerned citizen after I can only assume it was either hit by a car or kicked off by an unruly drunken yob.

My quick attempt to replace it was thwarted by the fact that something somewhere had bent and it wasn't going to just sit back down and click into place so I had to leave it again back where I found it. (Do they just click into place or is there a more elaborate system disigned to hold them down?)

Did anyone see what happened by any chance?

Update (3rd February)

The bollard looks this afternoon to have been returned correctly to it's rightful place...

Free Soft Play At JJ's Today

For one day only! Today is the free grand opening of the new soft play centre in Stoneliegh Broadway. Mum and Daughter team Julia and Jodie Archer have taken over the LJA Academy dance studio (63 Stoneleigh Broadway, KT17 2HP) next to Budgens during the day and filled it with soft play type goodies for children up to the age of 5. (Don't worry the dancing will continue in the evenings.)

They are starting today with an open day to allow local people to 'try before you buy'. They opened at 10am this morning and will be open until 3pm. There is yummy food and drink on offer too. They will be opening for real on Monday the 10th of February - that gives them a week to sort out any teething problems...

For more information about JJs see their new website here or their facebook page here!

The Empty Shops

A few people have asked if there are really "close to 20" empty shops in Worcester Park High Street which is what I said to Theresa Villiers MP when she came to visit. By way of explanation, here are photos of 19 commercial properties on or just off the High Street (Central Road plus a bit of Cheam Common Road) from the station up to (and including) where the Vin Bin used to be.

Admittedly there are various reasons for why these premises are currently not open for business but the fact is none of these are currently trading. For anyone interested in how things have changed over the last few years, a Sutton "Vacant Property Report" back in September 2010 stated that (at that time) there were 10 vacant properties in Worcester Park. Thanks to blog reader Richard for his help with this.

This is a bleak collection of photos. However we have great many good businesses trading in Worcester Park. It's important to remember that and that we need to support them if we want them to still be there next time we need them.

I believe the old 'Station Florist' is soon to open as a plumbing a heating supplies shop so that's one less. The Worcester Park Traders Association is working on some ideas to promote the benefits of Worcester Park High Street too, especially to local shoppers who might sometimes go further afield to shop. Hopefully I will have more on that soon. In the meanwhile - use your local shops or lose them. And hopefully when new businesses do open, they will compliment the high street (like I believe one recent new addition has) and bring in more business for all the local traders.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ismaili Tavern Update

Many blog readers will remember back in October when a local Ismaili community opened up the old Worcester Park Tavern to consult the community on turning it into an Ismaili community centre. Many people have since contacted me to ask what is happening but up until now there has been little to report.

However there has now been another small development. The Ismailis have issued an update on the situation addressing many of the issues that have been raised. Copies of this update (as shown below) are being posted through letter boxes close to the site.
I have also spoken to John Clare who has started a local petition against the proposal. Currently the only way you can sign this is for him to know on your door however I understand he has gathered a fair number of signatures. I will keep you updated as things unfold further...