Saturday, 4 January 2014

Winter Information

Just for your information, there is now a council webpage where you can find out all about winter related stuff. The webpage, being dubbed the "The Winter Information Centre" has links to the various transport websites and one to 'opencheck' for whether schools are open or not as well as health advice, the Met Office for local weather reports and information about gritting. There is also information about rubbish collection including how to recycle your Christmas tree.

To access all this info, visit the new webpage here:

Ruth Dombey, leader of Sutton Council said:
"By providing regular updates through the Winter Information Centre and social media we can help our residents to make informed decisions about what action to take to cope with cold weather disruption."
Graham Whitham, Sutton's Conservative opposition Group Leader told the blog:
"When harsh winter weather strikes it is already difficult enough coping with snow and ice without trying to find out the local services situation. We wanted to see a ‘one stop’ facility where residents can find the important information about services in their local area, when they need to."
It is possibly worth noting that the link to the Met Office brings up the forecast for Croydon (there isn't a Sutton one) however over here in Worcester Park the forecast for Kingston might be that slight bit more relevant.

The council is also urging people to check on their neighbours and let them know if they are concerned about the welfare of anybody.

Also this is the time of year when rough sleepers are particularly vulnerable. Streetlink is a charity/website which enables the public to alert local authorities in England about rough sleepers in their area. The service is funded by the Government as part of their pledge to end rough sleeping and means that you can report someone sleeping rough, the details of which will be sent to whichever local council covers the area so they can provide them with the local services they need. For more information or to report a rough sleeper (or if you happen to be sleeping rough) see their website: You can also phone Streetlink on 0300 500 0914. Not that we have many rough sleepers in Worcester Park but it's worth knowing just in case...