Thursday, 2 January 2014

Stone Place One Way Update

For those who thought the new Stone Place new one way system controversy has quietly gone away, it hasn't.

 I was sent a short video a few days ago which shows another problem at the entrance to Stone Place.

In the words of the person who sent the video:
"The video does demonstrate simply that this one-way system is superficially 'safe' and impractical. Delivery lorries to Iceland have no loading bay, so are required to park on the curb, blocking pedestrian access, and the newly laid extra pedestrian path encourages people to walk in a zone easily mountable by cars. How would a small child know where to safely walk? How does a parked lorry encourage people onto the high street? I thought it was interesting that despite the lorry being parked the pushchair still choose to use the old that a historic mindset by the ladies or, as I would with a pushchair, they chose the path that is continuous to Waitrose and not easily mountable by cars blindly coming behind me?"

Petition Submitted

On the same topic, Stewart Mackay submitted a petition with 134 signatures asking for the decision to be reversed (not to be confused with reversing the direction of the one way traffic). He knocked on every door in Windsor, Hampton, Moreton, and Donnington Roads (the most affected area) and nearly everyone he spoke to thought the new one way system was a bad decision.

The petition was submitted on the 28th of November at Sutton Council's Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee. For the uber keen, you can hear a recording of the moment here:

For a system which was only supposed to be a temporary trial run until November, it seems to be taking a long time for the council to decide if it has been a good idea or not.