Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sort Your Bike Out

Simon Densley getting his bike marked and registered by police at Worcester Park
Simon Densley Getting his bike marked in
Central Road last January.
Did you or anyone you know get a bicycle for Christmas? Do you know someone with a bike which isn't registered with the police?

PCSO Nadine Campbell of our local Safer Neighbourhood team has organised this year's first cycle marking event in Worcester Park to take place outside the Police Office in Central Road this coming Saturday 11th Jan from 11am until 3pm.

Last year's January event saw 47 bicycles marked and registered (including mine). There must be more than 47 bikes in the area that haven't been marked so lets see if we can beat this number.

Having your bike marked and registered enables the police to know it's yours and return it to you should it be stolen and recovered. A unique code is etched into the cycle frame and kept on a database together with the owner’s details. It's very quick and makes your bike less attractive to thieves as they can't claim, 'Honest, it's my bike Guv...', when the etched code on the bike says otherwise.

A great many stolen bikes are actually recovered but unless yours is marked, the police will have no way of knowing it's yours and it would most likely end up going for auction along with all the other unregistered bikes.

So the solution is to get on yer bike, this coming Saturday and head down to the Police Office (just near the pedestrian lights) in Central Road and get is sorted...

Update (Monday 3rd March)

The bike marking back in January went very well according to Sergeant Andy De'Voreaux. A total of 47 bikes were registered in front of the Police Office in Central Road. By comparison, apparently only 17 bikes were registered when a similar event was recently held in Sutton High Street. We are obviously the bike marking Kings here in Worcester Park!