Monday, 6 January 2014

Sign Here For The Train

Steve O'Connell AM getting a signature
If you were accosted early this morning under the bridge or outside Worcester Park station, that was us... When I say us, I mean Gino Marotta, Steve O'Connell and me gathering petition signatures to persuade Boris Johnson (you know that guy who's Mayor of London) to support having the planned Crossrail 2 trains call at Worcester Park rather than the current plan, which is for trains to run from Motspur Park directly through to Epsom without stopping here. And judging by the number of pages of signatures we ended up with, most people agree with us that this is just a daft idea and that the trains should call at Worcester Park on their way through.

Many blog readers will recall we have been campaigning for a while to get Worcester Park put on the Crossrail 2 map, in fact pretty much since
Gino Marotta with a lady signing
Boris Johnson launched the Crossrail 2 consultation in May last year; and this part of the campaign is now drawing towards it's close.

Steve O'Connell, who is Sutton's (and Croydon's) London Assembly member (basicaly one of 25 people who hold the London Mayor to account) will be presenting the petition to Boris Johnson next Wednesday (15th January) so we only have another week for people to sign.

If you are one of those who had to rush past because the train was coming, worry ye not; there is an electronic version of the petition you can sign here. You can also sign it at the kiosk at Worcester Park station when you buy a paper and while you wait for a coffee, and many shops in Central Road have a copy of it which you can sign. You can see the full list at the bottom of this page.

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guest D said...

Though I'm for Crossrail 2 stopping at Worcester Park, I don't think you have a hope in hell of that happening.

Motspur Park, though as an area it has a lot less going for it, it does have the advantage of being a junction, so it will also serve Malden Manor, and Tolworth as well as WP and Stoneleigh etc.. If it was changed, those people would have to travel to Motspur Park and go back one stop or travel to Wimbledon to catch the fast service.

Bexx Bissell said...

What guest D says about the trains to Malden Manor, Tolworth (and Chessington!
)) from Motspur Park is correct, however trains are only one element of public transport. Apart from the K5 Motspur Park has no other bus routes that I am aware of. Worcester Park station however has main bus connections to New Malden, Kingston, Cheam, Sutton, Wallington, Croydon, Teddington and Heathrow. In addition, due to the size of the shopping area and other facilities, Worcester Park is much more likely to be a destination town that Motspur Park is.

guest D said...

Though your point is valid, Crossrail stopping at Motspur Park doesn't prevent WP being a destination, you just leave CR2 at Motspur Park and catch the stopper from there.

As an example, to get from Acton Town to Hammersmith on the Picadilly line is one stop, on the distict line it is 5 stops, so if you want to get from Heathrow to Chiswick Park, you have to change at Acton Town even though the train you were on will go thundering through the station you want.

When picking stops for higher speed services, interconnectabilty is far more important than what's at the destination.

After all who knows in the 20 years (at the earliest) 'til CR2 becomes a reality Motspur Park may be a thriving commercial hub, with all lots of bus routes and maybe a tram link, CR2 planners certainly can't weight their decisions too highly on what's there now.

I would also bet that Malden Manor and Raynes Park are also getting their petitions together and your comments about bus routes also apply to Raynes Park.

Bexx Bissell said...

Hi guest D. I agree that interconnections are far more important than what’s at the destination, and that was the main point I was making. Worcester Park is much better connected than Motspur Park, but with buses rather than trains.

It’s hard to see how Motspur Park could become a transport hub with lots of buses as it’s not on any main roads. Also, it’s hard to see how it could grow as a commercial hub as it is pretty constrained for space.

Raynes Park could probably put up a good case from a connection and destination point of view, but being just one stop on from the proposed stop at Wimbledon would probably defeat those
arguments, no matter how strong they are.

Jay said...

I am yet to hear what affect this will have on the usual service into Waterloo? Because right now if a train is delayed the next 3 trains have a knock on affect, so what if one of these are late, or does this mean we will no longer have 4 trains an hour to the capital?

Nichu said...

Hmm, I can already picture the hordes of irate commuters on Worcester Park station platform watching a CR2 service cruise through whilst they await the slow train.

Perhaps the well known traffic issues in Worcester Park are the reason for this snub? The station already gets more than its fair share of incoming commuters, who choose to park at Worcester Park rather than travel from zone 5 Stoneleigh.

I do support this petition, however, even though I live in between the two stations.

guest D said...

I'll repeat living in WP for purely selfish reasons I support CR2 stopping at WP.

But don't you think all those commuters from Chessington North to Motspur Park would be even more irate knowing that they have to go all the way to Wimbledon to satisfy the few at WP?

There are two stops between Epsom and WP and five between Chessington South and Wimbledon.

David Cannings said...

The extortionate price of train fares is more of an issue for me than Crossrail.

The Bronx said...

Nothing wrong with debating the merits or otherwise of various stops here. I agree though that the petition will have more impact than comments here. A bit of a good debate never hurt though did it? I thought that was the point of the comments facility.

PJ said...

I'd be interested to know what passenger numbers from MP are like, compared to WP. As someone who commutes from WP, I only ever see see a few people boarding at Motspur, but wonder if the people of MP feel as strongly about CR2 as the people of WP do?

If the feeling (and the numbers) aren't there in Motspur Park then that should count in some way towards the outcome, shouldn't it? What do others think?

Hardgrafter said...

PJ - the annual passenger numbers (millions) are on Wikipedia. They are:
Epsom 3.7 m ; West Ewell 1.2 m; Stoneleigh 1.2 m; WORCESTER PARK 2.7m; Motspur Park 1.2m; Raynes Park 4.2m.

Howard said...

Whichever route the proposed new service takes it will mean more closing of the West Barnes and Motspur Park level crossings.

Dave said...

"... the current plan, which is for trains to run from Motspur Park directly through to Epsom without stopping here."
Where did you get the idea that Crossrail2 services would not call at Worcester Park?
From a misunderstanding of the route diagram?

Crossrail is to be operated on behalf of TfL as an intensive Metro service, and there is no reason to suppose that Crossrail2 would be any different. Having some semi-fast services might be feasible, but not serving intermediate stations at all would not fit TfL's objectives. Most likely all suburban services would take to the tunnels at Wimbledon, leaving Waterloo to outer-suburban and Main Line services.

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