Sunday, 26 January 2014

Pavements, Benches And Automobiles...

Regular blog reader and contributor Richard spotted this badly parked car earlier in Windsor Road and wonders if it's just one more symptom of a badly thought out plan. He writes:
"Residents and traders will be familiar with the ludicrous one-way system that blights car park access and results in funnelling extra traffic and HGVs into Windsor Road. Added to that, the road has been raised to the level of the pavement, resulting in a poor segregation between pavement and roadway. 
One bizarre Sutton OLF solution to this unclear segregation of its own creation has been to position (back to front) benches on the edge of the now dramatically more busy Windsor Road – including one very exposed bench on the corner of Windsor and Central Road. It seems Sutton Council is attempting to deter vehicles from mounting the newly ‘curbless’ pavements by using residents as a human shield!
Human Shield Bench
However, having walked along Windsor Road’s indistinct pavement on Saturday and passing the toy shop, I found myself actually dodging a car intent on parking on the public pavement! It seems some self-styled ‘Starsky and Hutch’ drivers are simply utilising the newly extended pavement as a car park overflow. Given that the next shop along, in front of this car is a toy shop, it’s pretty clear how dangerous this poorly conceived Sutton OLF ‘venture’ is.
Given the now extreme width of the pavement in Windsor Road, along this parade of shops, it seems to me that reducing the huge width by reintroducing car parking spaces along its length (and a curb!) might actually be dramatically more safe and efficient answer to these Sutton OLF-induced problems."
Update (1st February)

They seem to be multiplying...