Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Path Sections Washed Away

Those who live near Cuddington Rec are probably well aware of the new path which goes from near the playground off Sandringham Road up to the Sparrow Farm Road end. Some readers may even remember that it's route was changed after complaints from residents about it running too close to properties backing onto the park.

Your local blogger has been keeping an eye on developments and I have included some 'work in progress photos' down the left here to show how this has developed and come to fruition. However unfortunately the nice new path has been relatively short lived.

The recent heavy rain and flooding has washed a striped section of the new path away (as shown in the main picture).

Cuddington Rec is more or less where the Beverly Brook begins it's existence. It makes its way down from the top of the hill between the trees down through the park and then into a culvert where heads underground to make it's next appearance above the surface on the other side of Central Road next to Green Lane, having passed under the Brook pub which took it's name from this interesting piece of aquatic trivia.

It's clear from the debris around the area (right) that the entrance to this culvert overflowed rather spectacularly during the heavy flooding a couple of weeks ago, pouring water down the grass slope and washing this section of path away in the process.

Interestingly the culvert itself was almost overflowing today. This picture on the right was taken this afternoon, there having only been light rain over the last couple of days (compared with a couple of weeks ago).

I haven't spent much time in the park in the rain but I suspect that this overflowing at this point is a fairly regular occurrence and I wonder if some pipes could have been lain under the path at this point to allow this overflowing water somewhere to go without causing this damage. Or perhaps the path could have been routed further away from this spot. In the map here it looks to have been specifically deviated towards this point. Mind you it's also near the new poplar trees so it may have been designed to visit this 'point of interest'.

Either way hopefully the path will be fixed soon - with or without the inclusion of a water diverting initiative.

Update (Saturday 18th January)

Thanks very much to the blog reader who has kindly sent me some photos he took yesterday morning showing the impact of the rain from the night before...

Overflowing culvert
The other 'Beverly Brook' - to perhaps be renamed the 'Beverly-Cuddington Overland River'
 'Cuddington Swamp'