Friday, 10 January 2014

Missing Milo

It's been a while since I've done a missing cat post. Lost animal stories are difficult. I want people to be reunited with their lost animals but they don't make for very interesting reading and I know many readers aren't keen on lots of missing animal posts. It can be very distressing to lose an animal though.

With this in mind I am posting a message I received yesterday regarding a lost cat. The cats owner, Ann wrote:
"Our young (8 month old) cat has gone missing, and we would really be grateful for your help in finding him. 
He is all black, long haired, medium sized and has a red collar (although you can't really see the collar because his fur covers it). 
We live above one of the shops on the "Solaris to Surrey Door Centre" section of the high street, and Milo often wanders off into the gardens of the houses along Caldbeck Ave and Washington Road, so we would be grateful if the residents of the houses on those streets could in particular could check under bushes/in sheds, etc. 
If you find him, please call either Ann on 07801 057 821 or Allan on 07515 890 238."