Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ministerial Visit

On Monday (27th January) Worcester Park received a distinguished visit from Theresa Villiers MP (The Rt Hon, Cabinet Minister and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland). I had a chance to ask her a few questions but perhaps the most interesting part of the morning was the discussion between her, Tracy from Cycle Power (Chair of the Worcester Park Traders Association), Brendan from Pets Place (previous Chair of the Worcester Park Traders Association) and Paul Scully (local Conservative Parliamentary candidate). They chatted away inside Cycle Power and I managed to get most of it on video.

I have edited this together with a few of my questions in there but for the most part I have just let the conversation roll on. I have not tried to make this a documentary or focus on sound bites. Rather, I mainly wanted to let people in on an interesting conversation about Worcester Park with a Cabinet Minister.

I'm sorry in advance that the sound quality is a bit rubbish in places (in front of Waitrose mainly). I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

I started by asking why she had come to Worcester Park...

You can also read more about the Minister's visit in the Sutton Guardian here.