Thursday, 16 January 2014

Mayor Petitioned about Crossrail 2 For Worcester Park

Steve O'Connell handed our local petition to Boris Johnson yesterday with a total of 1220 signatures.

Steve said:
“Currently the plans show that Crossrail 2 will travel past Worcester Park but will not stop, which is a real waste. If this stop is included it will connect with the proposed Sutton Tram creating a vital transport link for South London and help strengthen this area as a transport hub. The petition has had overwhelming support, and the Mayor cannot ignore this many Londoners, especially when the proposal makes good sense for South London.”
Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign the petition, whether it was online or one of the more traditional paper versions. Several shops in Central Road had copies of it, a few of which attracted around 100 signatures each. We were also asking people to sign under the bridge near the station last Monday and even added some by knocking on a few doors around the place. Overall getting this many signatures for an issue concerning a single railway station that won't affect us for several years is quite amazing and shows how much Worcester Parkers really care about their area.

You can also read the Sutton Guardian coverage here.