Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Last Chance To Sign

The petition to persuade Boris Johnson to support Crossrail 2 coming to Worcester Park is finishing this evening. I will be handing the signed sheets to Steve O'Connell (London Assembly Member) who will be officially submitting them to Boris Johnson, the London Mayor tomorrow.

I have now picked up most of the paper copies that many Central Road businesses have been kindly hosting for the last couple of months and all those added together plus the people who signed on the internet gives us a total of 1,129 signatures! However we can still use a few more. You still have a short time to add yours to the total by signing the electronic version here.

If you haven't yet signed this is your last chance - do it now before something else takes your attention! Lets get Crossrail 2 stopping at Worcester Park!

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Holmes S. said...

Shame this petition is hosted on a conservative website, it might have gained more traction if it didn't look like it is being used politically. Can't we have a change.org petition instead?

Worcester Park Blogger said...

I needed a separate website to host it as I didn't want to
put it directly on the blog and Paul Scully very kindly offered to host it as
he was helping with the campaign anyway. At the end of the day it is a campaign
being run by the local Conservatives and that doesn't seem to have put many
people off. I'm sorry if you feel so anti-tory that you would rather avoid
helping your local area than be associated with Conservatives. Hopefully you
will still gain from having Crossrail 2 call at Worcester Park if we manage to persuade
Boris of the benefits.

Catt said...

Shame the petition can't be completed in Google Chrome, or on Safari mobile.. i've had to open Internet Explorer on a laptop to do it. Really that's poor.

Sue said...

I have been told that there is a petition against the closure of St Raphaels Hospice and a road to be put in its place. Can anyone confirm this?

Alex said...

Why not have a change.org petition as well? You appear to have found the website ok, so what's stopping you?

Simon Densley (Blogger, Consv) said...

St Raphaels Hospice is not in any danger at all and is not up for closure. The nuns who own and run it are getting old and need to find a workable solution but will continue to support the hospice and will ensure it's continuation in the best way they can. It may be more of a case of the local MP trying to save himself by pretending the hospice is in danger and that he is saving it: http://www.worcesterparkblog.org.uk/2013/09/paul-burstow-vs-nuns.html

Separately, there is a plan to put in an additional private access road through from Clarkes Avenue to the Convent site. You can see the plans here:

Sue said...

There is someone going around Hamptons giving false info then. He was adamant over not only the closure, but also about the road.

Anon said...

North Cheam would be a better route, serving the east side of the Hamptons (Garth Road). North Cheam doesn't have a station and is in need of a revamp.

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