Friday, 31 January 2014

Hello Worcester Park

Yesterday I went to visit a new group that has been set up in Worcester Park recently and meets every Thursday morning at Christ Church with St. Philip on Ruskin Drive. The group was originally started by Sutton Vision (which used to be known as the Sutton Association for the Blind) as a social gathering for people with any visual impairment. 

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Around Christmas 2012, wanting to start such a group, Sutton Vision contacted all churches in the area and asked if they could host a weekly social event. Christ Church with St. Philip said they could and the group was born. Over the following year, Scill became involved too and the group has evolved to include anyone who is vulnerable, a bit lonely or would just like to turn up and enjoy some time spent with friendly people.

The advantage of this setup is that the needs of people with visual impairment or other vulnerabilities are catered for, allowing them to just enjoy the morning without the normal hassles that would usually get in the way of such things. For instance they were playing scrabble with extra large letters that included non intrusive braille on them. There are people from Sutton Vision and Scill who are there enjoying the fun but are available should anyone have a problem and need advice or practical support either there or dealing with another issue.

A similar group was set up in Sutton South in the Spring of last year called 'Sutton South Hello' which was designed in a similar way to cater for elderly and more vulnerable people. It was thought that the existing group in Worcester Park might benefit from coming under that same umbrella and so the group was rebranded as the  'Worcester Park Hello Club'. This was launched with a reasonable level of fanfare last November with visiting dignitaries including Sutton's Mayor.

If you feel you might want to come along and join in the activities (or know someone who might), just turn up at  Christ Church with St. Philip on Ruskin Road from 10am until 12 noon on a Thursday. There is no need to book or phone ahead but if you would like to talk to someone first, phone Sutton Vision on 0208 409 7166.