Friday, 17 January 2014

Cooking Up A Spanish Party

Blog readers may remember hearing the faint rumblings of a first anniversary party being hosted at The Brook by the Cooking Your Spanish team.

Well the big event is now less than a week away (Thursday 23rd January) and the CYS team are giving away 50 vouchers for a free drink at the event which will begin at 7:00pm. To get yours, email  or call them on 07503 727 320.

David Sánchez from Cooking Your Spanish told the blog:
"CYS is one year old and we are going to celebrate with our first anniversary party. This party is open to all the Worcester Park community interested in knowing what we do at Cooking your Spanish. They can meet our students, practice  Spanish with Spanish speaking native and learn about exciting plans we are working on, such us: cultural-gastronomic trips to Spain, affordable stays by the Mediterranean sea to practice what they learn at the class room and our activities for 2014 in Worcester Park. 
And of course we will provide some delicatessen that we brought from our last trip to Spain and the first drink will be on us as well. Ah, ...and for the most brave we will have our 'porrón'."
It all sounds pretty good to me. In fact what I really like is that two local businesses are working together for their mutual benefit which in turn benefits all of us in Worcester Park. Great stuff all round! Hope to see you there!

Update (31st January)

Ana and David have sent me a few photos taken at the anniversary party at The Brook. Apparently it was a brilliant night!