Friday, 3 January 2014

Car Accident At Station Lights

A collision between two cars earlier today blocked the junction of Malden Road and the entrance to Worcester Park station until the cars were later moved.

The accident occurred just before half past four this afternoon and all three emergency services were in attendance. The cars were brought up into the station area by the fire service in order to clear the intersection allowing other cars to see a bit further ahead while continuing
to sit idle in the traffic...

Luckily no one was hurt but the paramedics were there on hand to make sure.

Thanks to Gerry Macaree for the photo here of the accident in the intersection.

Update (4th January)

The cars have now been moved.

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Stewart Mackay Conservative WP said...

Admin, Do we know is everyone is OK?

guest said...

I dont wish to judge, but many cars take this juntion incorrectly ie, not nose to tail when turning. This applies to peolle of all ages, im amazed to think that they took the same test as me - suggest they read the highway code. Also there are a number of cars going the wrong side of the island at peak times when turning right from The Manor Drive - nothihg being done about it.

Andrew said...

Couldn't agree more! And going 'round the back' of the waiting cars to turn in to the station garners annoyed looks from other drivers!! This applies to almost all junctions unless there are specific road markings dictating otherwise!

Why do people seem to love turning across the path of each other at these junctions 'nose to nose' instead of correctly going 'nose to tail' when clearly this is the safest and most efficient way!!!

Alex said...

Like many other witnesses in Central Road, I saw the emergency services struggling to negotiate their way to the scene of this accident, with the roads choked with traffic and parked cars.

Getting the emergency services to the accident was seriously problematic. BUT bearing in mind that this accident occurred on a Friday afternoon, at around sunset, at the busiest time of the busiest day of the Muslim calendar, imagine the dual impact of a mosque in Green Lane and an Ismaili centre at the WP Tavern - and both at the height of their weekly activities, with hundreds of extra visitors and vehicles added to the picture!

Jhonnie Walker said...

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