Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Good Service

Most of us have probably been frustrated by trying to get a car repaired, particularly when we don't really know what needs to be done but suspect it might not be what we are being told...

Blog reader Jason sent me this story yesterday which I thought was worth sharing:
"I recently hit a pothole in my car and since it has been pulling to the left and getting worse.
I took it into a local garage who said the steering rack was bent and needed replacing at a cost of £350. I said I would think about it and took the car to a different local garage who told me the suspension was damaged and would cost between £200 and £300 to repair. 
Confused that there were two separate diagnoses I took it to a third local mechanic for confirmation of one or the other.  These guys told me that there was a problem with the shock absorbers and coil springs and it'd cost around £250 for a repair. Finally took it to have the tracking looked at by Kwik Fit who charged me £44.95 and didnt fix the problem (nor did they even change the tracking according to the graph they provided). 
However, I appear to finally found a garage that was actually honest!
Turns out that the pothole had split my front left tyre which was now badly deformed. Replacing the tyre for £68 has completely resolved the problem. I cannot recommend Sunray Motors at 17 Cheam Common Road, Worcester Park on 0208 337 7741 highly enough! 
Why are the majority of local mechanics and garages allowed to misdiagnose problems and replace parts that do not need replacing and rip off local residents? Is there no regulation? It's just appalling! I would always recommend getting a second opinion on car repairs when there are so many cowboys out there."
It's good to hear a really positive story about a local business.

I would hope none of our fine Worcester Park repair establishments would be implicated in any way in such misdiagnosis and unnecessary repair work. No doubt readers will be quick to correct me if their experiences have been different to this...