Tuesday, 3 December 2013

These Shoes Are A Steal

A 21 year old woman was caught stealing a pair of £3 shoes from the FARA charity shop in Central Road last Friday (29th November).

Shop staff spotted the theft and reported it to police who quickly turned up and traced the woman who was found inside the British Heart Foundation shop also in Central Road.

The woman was arrested for theft and admitted the offence, earning a £90 fixed penalty notice. She told police she had taken the shoes for her toddler son. The shoes were returned to the shop.

While I applaud the police for their quick and effective action and abhor thieving of any kind, I can’t help but wonder why this woman felt the need to take a pair of £3 shoes. Now she may have just been lazy and irresponsible and spent all her money on mobile phone apps and cigarettes before considering her son – in which case I say throw the book at her. However she may also have been in difficult and unusual circumstances leaving her without even £3. (I’ve been there myself - although never resorted to stealing). I’m sure there would be many people with a spare pair of toddler shoes who would quite happily give them away. Children’s clothes are always going spare. The difficulty is in matching up the person who wants rid of them with the person who needs them. So I would encourage the use of freebie websites so people can both get rid of, and find the things they need. Gumtree does one which can be found here. You are welcome to post any freebies on the Buy/Swap/Sell page here as well.