Friday, 6 December 2013

That Was The Christmas Late Night That Was

Assorted photos from Christmas late Night 2013. In no particular order...

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John Saunders said...

As a WP resident I am disappointed with our High Street festive lighting, it's a damp squid in comparison to other towns. However a drive down Leyfield off the Manor Drive is a real treat for the kids and adults, perhaps the Christmas Market should be down this road?

howard said...

A damp squib as well !

Andy M said...

Come on WP. Messy lights, different colours and posts completely missed. Whats going on. Gradually gone downhill over past three years.

Guest said...

Agreed. And only half the trees wired with lights are not lit. Such a shame.

e..g. Tree outside Woodfall's, Trees outside Natwest, trees in Windsor Road, Trees opposite The North End Tavern.

They get switched on but once a year and, even then, it's an incomplete job.

Guest said...


...only half the trees wired with lights ARE lit. Such a shame...

Andrew (the former WP Blogger) said...

What always saddens me most about the Worcester Park Christmas Late Night is how few local traders do anything inventive, creative or special to contribute to an evening which is supposed to be all about local trade and local shopping.

Cycle Power were proactive as was the toy shop, and the sausages and burgers on the BBQ from Woodwards were a crowd pleaser, but apart from that I didn't see many other local traders making an effort to do anything special on the night.

Simply staying open late and keeping the lights on in the vague hope that people will wander in to pick up yet another free mince pie simply isn't enough.

I was interested to see how the local traders do it here in Ashtead - the event here is no bigger and no grander than Worcester Park's but what sets it apart is the number of local traders who pitch in to do something different on the night.

The cafe owners were outside their cafe making crepes and hot chocolates, a local estate agent changed their window display into a 'guess the house price' competition with a hamper for the winner and other local traders had luck dip stalls, tombolas etc. outside their shops.

It was a great way to get local shop owners and local people interacting with each other - I met and chatted to lots of local traders for the first time. A connection has been made, and I do genuinely think it has increased the likelihood that I will pop into some of the shops more frequently in the future.

Even the local funeral directors were open late, although fingers crossed I won't be popping in there in the coming year!

Seeing so many Worcester Park traders doing nothing special on the evening to attract attention away from the stalls and rides on the pavement outside always depresses me. Even worse are those local traders (including some independent shops) who had pulled down the shutters and shuffled off home at 5pm.

Central Road, like so many high streets everywhere, is suffering, which is why it both saddens and baffles me to see so many traders in Worcester Park apparently caring so little about what could be and should be such a great night for them and for the town.

Let's hope that next year more of them will be out there engaging with potential customers and making this the event it deserves to be.

If they don't then that will, dare I say it, be their own funeral.

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