Sunday, 22 December 2013

Scouts Pack In The Fund Raising

Waitrose customers are being offered an extra special service today. Local Scouts from the 4th Worcester Scouts group are packing shopping for customers as well as offering them a basket when they walk in and are generally trying to be friendly and helpful.

They are asking in return for patrons to make a small (or large) donation if they wish in order to raise money for the scout group.

Last year they raised close to £1,000 which went towards a minibus for the group. This year they are raising funds to go towards an upgrade of the toilet block at their Balmoral Road headquarters, including facilities for disabled access.

They have been there since 10am this morning and will be there until 3pm so there is still a chance to get down there and take advantage of their hospitality. It's really good to see such good community spirit and work being demonstrated by our local Scouts. Please go along and support them.