Saturday, 7 December 2013

Rubbish Recycling Service

Wandering down Central Road this morning I noticed this gentleman emptying the rubbish bins on the corner of Brinkley Road. I noticed he took both the bag from the recycling bin and the one from the 'normal rubbish' bin and put them both in the same section of his dust cart. So being an inquisitive sort, I asked him if the recyclable rubbish was supposed to be kept separate. he told me no, it all goes in together. I asked if it then gets separated later on. Once again the answer was no, it apparently all goes into landfill without being separated.

Coincidentally, Councillor Jerry Jerome happened to be walking past at the time so I stopped him and asked the gentleman to repeat to him what he has said to me. Again he told us that the recyclables that we have been so carefully dividing into separate bins are all just taken together with the 'normal litter' and not recycled. I think Councillor Jerome was as surprised as I was. He asked who told him to do it this way. The chap replied that this was the instruction from his supervisor. He did also mention that he thought a new system was coming next year which would probably mean the recyclables would actually get recycled.

Has anyone else noticed recyclables just being mixed in with the normal rubbish? It's a bit depressing to think we have been dividing our rubbish up just for it to go straight into landfill anyway.

Update (Wed 8th January)

So it transpires that the London Borough of Sutton has dropped from being one of the best councils for recycling in 2003 to one of the worst in 2013.
So what exactly does the party responsible for this mean then by this statement at the bottom of their recent leaflet?

Also they don't seem to be able to spell 'economy'.