Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Neighbourhood Policing In Action

And now a good news crime story (provided you’re not a burglar that is)...

Two brothers who burgled a house were caught after a local resident called police on 999 after she saw two men acting suspiciously outside a property near her home. The resident was then joined by her sister-in-law and together they followed the suspects, took photographs of them and helped direct police to where the suspects were last seen.

Omar Williams (left), aged 35, and Michael Craig Shah Williams(right), aged 36, were spotted hanging around outside a residential address and in an alleyway in Bridgewood Road, Worcester Park, on Thursday, 15 August 2013 at around 1pm.

Claire Dunwell, who lives in the street, was suspicious of their behaviour and called police. She also called and her sister-in-law Kristina Ingram who came around to help.

The girls followed the suspects in Kristina’s car and took photographs of them as they walked together towards Sandringham Road. Although they lost site of the suspects briefly, Claire and Kristina then saw one of the men walking from Sandringham Road into Dalmeny Road. They returned home to find that an address in Bridgewood Road had been broken into after its back door had been smashed. They called police again to update them about the suspects’ locations and the burglary.

A police search of the area commenced with emergency response officers arriving assisted by a Police Dog Unit and the Police helicopter and Kristina’s two sons aged 12 and 14 went off to look for the suspects. Keeping a safe distance away, the boys spotted one of the suspects hiding in bushes in Cuddington Rec. Moments later, after being joined by their mum, they found him lying in the front garden of a house in Bridgewood Road.

A Police Dog Unit arrested Omar Williams in Bridgewood Road. They found property believed to have been stolen including a laptop, hard drive, mobile phones, cameras and jewellery tucked behind a paving slab in a garden in the street. Michael Williams was arrested the following day at his home address. During a search of the premises, police recovered clothing which matched items worn by one of the burglary suspects.

Fast forward to the court case:

On Monday 18th November, Omar Williams, of Trevelyan Road, London, and Michael Craig Shah Williams, of Linton Close, Mitcham, were sentenced at Croydon Crown Court to two years jail after pleading guilty to burglary.

Officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Sergeant Nicola Peace, of Sutton Police Station, said police would not have solved this case so quickly without the help of these key witnesses and neighbours. She said:
“Claire and Kristina have demonstrated amazing community spirit in watching out for their neighbours and in helping police. They not only provided vital information shortly after the burglary, but also willingly gave up their time as the investigation developed to attend an ID parade in Tottenham which required them having to make childcare arrangements for most of a Sunday.”
Det Sgt Peace added:
“We are extremely grateful to them in helping police to catch these individuals and to put them before the courts.”
Well done to the local Heros!