Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Movement in Drury & Cole


Drury & Cole has been tidied up a bit. Yes you didn't misread that - the Central Road time capsule which has preserved a somewhat dusty slice of what real estate office life looked like before many blog readers were even born, late last week had a curtain hung across the inside of the windows which have also been cleaned and the poster encrusted wood covering taken down.

Numerous readers have contacted the blog to ask what is going on here. Is it a biblical sign? Heralding a new geological age etc? Well apparently nothing so momentous. The blog understands that the shop was owned by the original Cole family and that the senior Mrs Cole had wanted to keep the shop preserved as it was. Sadly Mrs Cole passed away around a year ago and ownership transferred to her children.

So now the time has arrived when they have been able to look at starting to sort out the property. A council officer did approach them to offer some help in cleaning it up recently but apparently no help was then forthcoming. There are no plans to do anything more with it until at least the New Year and nothing specific planned after that. But things do seem to be happening, and the blog shall be keeping an eye on proceedings...