Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Movement in Drury & Cole


Drury & Cole has been tidied up a bit. Yes you didn't misread that - the Central Road time capsule which has preserved a somewhat dusty slice of what real estate office life looked like before many blog readers were even born, late last week had a curtain hung across the inside of the windows which have also been cleaned and the poster encrusted wood covering taken down.

Numerous readers have contacted the blog to ask what is going on here. Is it a biblical sign? Heralding a new geological age etc? Well apparently nothing so momentous. The blog understands that the shop was owned by the original Cole family and that the senior Mrs Cole had wanted to keep the shop preserved as it was. Sadly Mrs Cole passed away around a year ago and ownership transferred to her children.

So now the time has arrived when they have been able to look at starting to sort out the property. A council officer did approach them to offer some help in cleaning it up recently but apparently no help was then forthcoming. There are no plans to do anything more with it until at least the New Year and nothing specific planned after that. But things do seem to be happening, and the blog shall be keeping an eye on proceedings...

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borisranting said...

Surely they should have been paying rates on the premises all this time... and if not, why not? Not the council's problem if it's not in use.. Would be nice to see this eye-sore cleaned up and turned into something useful.

Nichu said...

Perhaps instead of a convenience store, hairdresser, nail bar, off licence, bookies or tanning salon, they should open the preserved shop as a 1970s museum!

guest said...

Im sure if they were not paying "rates" the council would have done something - the fact that it was left as it wax means everything was in order. Why dont you just mind your own business!

borisranting said...

it was an eye-sore, that's why!

Andrew (the former WP Blogger) said...

It is disgraceful that Sutton Council have allowed this property to remain in this condition for a decades without taking action.

Whilst millions of pounds are being pumped into tarting up Central Road, this prime retail unit has remained an eyesore with its boarded up window, fly posters and jumble sale interior.

As lovely as it is of Sutton Council to offer to lend a hand, they should be dealing with the turd instead of just polishing around it.

It's about time they used the powers available to them (Town & Country Planning Act 1990 - Part 8, Chapter 2, Section 215 to be precise) to force the owners to clean up this dreadful unit makes that part of Central Road look terrible.

WP shopper said...

In all seriousness - why not? If the owners do not plan to sell the place or run a business from there, why put some kind of museum or gallery display in there? How about letting the community use it - I really liked the pop-up shop when we had it - lot of different things going on in there. As it used to be a building society agent what about opening a day a week for the local credit union - CMSCU? If it is sold, please let if be for something we actually want! How about a Thai restaurant - something missing from Worcester Park's culinary offerings.

Stewart Mackay Conservative WP said...

It would cost less money ... :)

gerald said...

Apologies, but I cannot find any other way of contacting you. My son has been trying to contact you for some time. He is in his final year at University and is writing his thesis on the impact of social media such as local blogs on the local community, and as a Worcester Park resident, he would like to focus on the Worcester Park blog. Would it be possible for him to make contact with you and the current blogger, please.

Thank you in anticipation,

Gerald -

Andrew (the former WP Blogger) said...

Land, for the purposes of this legislation at least, includes the buildings and anything on it. Many councils have successfully used Section 215 to force owners to clean up unsightly or poorly maintained properties that are having an adverse affect on their surroundings.

This guidance document will help those who want more information on it, or those suffering from acute insomnia!

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