Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mosque Appeal Reminder

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (19th December) is the deadline for submitting comments to be considered by the appeal board regarding the Green lane Mosque proposal.

Readers will remember that the plans have been rejected by the council twice and that both rejections have been appealed. Both appeals are to be heard at the same time at an as yet unknown date and location. However comments, objections and endorsements can be submitted until the deadline which is tomorrow.

The easiest way to do this is electronically (and I am assuming this doesn't pose a barrier for people who read blogs). Here's how:

  • Click this link:
  • Put either "2199244" or "2206647" in the Case Reference box and click "Search for Cases". (That should bring up the actual case.)
  • This case page should contain a clickable link through to a page with more details. Click this link. (You should be on a page with more details of the case.)
  • At the bottom of this detail page is a "Comment on this case" link. Click this link which should take you through to a page where you can actually start making a comment.
  • Follow the instructions from there.

We know that a Mosque (or any building of public assembly) in this location which cause even more traffic and parking problems in the already congested area. Let's make sure the Council's decision is not overturned on appeal.

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pembury said...

Does anyone know when a decision will be made?

Confused said...

I received a Notification of a Public Inquiry today in respect of the proposed Mosque outlining the same Application details as were refused by Sutton and then Appealed in Bristol. Am I to understand from this that Bristol have upheld the Appeal and have now put us back to where we were before?

guest D said...

If the appeal had been upheld that would be game over and work could start on the conversion to a Mosque.

What appears to have happened is that PCS have been persuaded that there is sufficient grounds for the objection and have decided on a public enquiry. The dates are evidence to be presented by 11 Mar 2014 and the enquiry will be held on the 8th Apr 2014.

The objectors were pushing for this as they could then use legal representation to argue their case, the council were aiming for a summary hearing.

RobC said...

Why would the council send the letter shown to a Love Lane, Morden address?
Maybe they are getting mixed up with Green Lane, Morden. If so ....!!!

Worcester Park Blogger said...

No - that was sent to me at my personal address. Although I have now updated the photo with a blurred out address one!

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