Wednesday, 18 December 2013

La Mamma Open Again

Central Road's recognisable and enduring Italian eatery, La Mamma, has reopened again after several months of renovation work. Having been closed since early August, the newly renovated restaurant opened again last week and it's hardly recognisable as the same place!

The owner has gone for a modern new look incorporating some classic décor and he told the blog he has been contemplating the update for a few years now. He is also looking to start opening for breakfast
(coffee, paninis etc.) in the new year.
The restaurant has had mixed reviews over the years but I am pleased to say my cappuccino was extremely good and the staff were very friendly both with me and with WP junior who came along to offer his thoughts on the mater (He liked the colouring in and the lolipop.)

It's been a long wait but hopefully it's been worth it.

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borisranting said...

shame after spending all that money that their sign on the door is promoting 'News Years Eve'. (Yes, I am a pedant...)

Pablo Conista said...

Thats funny I thought the sign said “Book now for Christmas Dinner
AND New years eve”. Get a life pal

Guest said...

Just back. Excellent lunch. Great service!! The new La Mamma is well worthwhile visiting. Let's support our local restaurants.

Stewart Mackay (Conservative C said...

Good riposte :)

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