Monday, 9 December 2013

Four Homes damaged in Fire

A fire at a house in Ardrossan Gardens destroyed part of the roof and caused damage to three other homes yesterday.
The fire started in the roof of the end of terrace home in Ardrossan Gardens which backs onto the railway line in the Epsom and Ewell sector of Worcester Park. Firefighters were called to the blaze just after 1pm yesterday (Sunday 8th December) with eight in breathing apparatus and 5 fire engines tackling the fire.

The gentleman who’s home it was has been cleaning up the mess, removing the pieces of charred roof etcetera with the help of some friends.

One of the gentlemen helping to clean up the mess told the blog that the fire brigade too ‘ages’ to get there. He said the thick smoke was at first pouring out of this property but as the smoke pushed its way through the roofs, it was soon also pouring out of the house at the other end of the terrace, four houses away.

The house next door was partially damaged by smoke and heat while the other two were affected by smoke damage.