Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Don't Drive On The Grass

Four men packed into a reefer smoke filled Mini were caught after one of them wound down the window to talk to police. PC Sam Saunders and PCSO Nadine Campbell, of Nonsuch and Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Teams were on routine patrol at the start of a shift last Saturday (30th November) when they became suspicious of the white Mini and its occupants parked in Priory Crescent, North Cheam.

The pungent odour of cannabis rolled out of the window to greet the police as quickly and cheerfully as the stoned occupants. The four men, all aged 19, had just returned home from a night out in Vauxhall, London, and were having a smoke before going home.

PC Saunders searched the driver and three passengers in turn. Two of the men were found to have small quantities of cannabis and amphetamines (Class B drugs) in their possession. A further quantity of cannabis and a grinder were found in the car.

The two men were arrested and brought to Sutton Police station for questioning. After admitting that the drugs belonged to them, they each received an adult caution for possessing both cannabis and amphetamines.

PC Saunders said:
“We had just left the office and had only patrolled a couple of streets when we came across this vehicle with four men sitting inside having a smoke,” 
If only it had been in Stone(d) Place then I would have had a better headline...