Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Street Craft

It seems an age since I posted about the approach of today's Christmas Craft Market. So much seems to happened in the meanwhile, however arrive it did and it was good to see a few new stalls mixed in with the usual suspects and one or two making a reappearance that hadn't been around for a while.

Stallholders told me that it had been a bit quiet (it was around 1:30ish) but that there seemed to be an increasing number of people around now that people were starting to finish their lunch. Hopefully the day was worthwhile for stallholders and customers alike.

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dissapointed said...

Visited today at about 2:30 - what a sorry state. Thevfirst stall I noticed was a lady selling crepes -£ 3 for a normal one and £6 for a gallette - surprisingly she was selling them to people with more money than sense. The guy selling bread was more miserable than his loor selection of bread - I bought some of his overpriced bread a few markets ago, and it wasnt that great. I spotted the bootique wine maker, what the heck is boutique wine? Local sausages from someone from Romford !!!!

Please please please let us have a real local market, not this excuse for one.

Guest ab said...

Totally agree, I was there at about 1300 , the bread guy looked as if he wished he were on another planet, and his 'wares looked stale and dry. Some of the other stalls looked better suited to a car boot !!! A couple of the stalls looked very similar to some previously in WP at the French market!!!!
Real shame, I am sure with a bit more effort things could be improved ,

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