Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Late Night Tonight

It's finally here! The day of Worcester Park's famous Christmas Late Night has arrived and there are some late additions to the program. Father Christmas has agreed to bring his larger grotto and will now be positioned in Windsor Road (near the library). Speaking of the library, not only is there a Craft fair upstairs but there will now also be a display/stall of Osborne books for children (always an excellent and reliable Christmas present in my book - gettit? - my book - oh well, anyway...) The normal doors will be open there until 8pm (so no need for the side entrance now.)

As well as the Italian Market, Cooking You Spanish doing their special brand of hot chocolate (raising money for St. Raphael's), the Royal British Legion will be doing mulled wine, Magic Marcus doing magic things in the toy shop in Windsor Road, while the balloon ladies be doing balloony things nearby.

Cuddington Community Primary School and Green Lane Primary School will both have choirs singing outside Waitrose and a few churches will have their own choirs dotted around the place.

There will be a weight watchers information post, old fashioned amusements as well as the the newer fangled rides for children in front of Poundland.

And that's all before you consider that the shops are open until 9pm so you can get your Christmas Shopping done too!

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Alex said...

Once again, some of our traders grasped the Christmas spirit with both hands and gave us a festive and entertaining evening, for which we are most grateful. The wonderful aroma of BBQ cooking outside Woodward Brothers was impossible to pass!

Despite the relatively decent, if chilly weather, there were noticeably fewer people around this year. Why wasn't immediately obvious, until one of the traders told me that Cheam Village were holding their late the same evening!

It's a great shame there weren't more people enjoying the evening (and missed out on the utterly divine Woodward Brothers sausages). With several Fridays in December, surely it's relatively simple to communicate with Cheam traders and avoid a clash?

booboo said...

Cheam also has a few nice gifty shops where you may actually consider buying people a present so has got to win over WP's offering. The sad fact is we don't have the choice of shops which is sufficient to keep people local, too much of the same charity shops and hairdressers. Good effort by a few but others were hardly set up by 6pm and it was sad to see Smiths as one of the bigger names just not bothering to support it. We tried to keep it local and pop into The Brook - which I'm a fan of - for a drink but sadly couldn't as we had a child with us and as it was just after 6pm this meant they couldn't serve us unless we were eating, so off home it was!

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