Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bin Down There

Weather has struck again in Worcester Park with extra helpings of wind and rain. This evening's main victims seem to be some of the new rubbish bins that now dot Central Road. Around 4:30 there were just a few bins lying on their sides. But later on this evening, bins were strewn across the road and one had been pushed into this car parked outside Costa/Marie Curie.

Being somewhat civicly minded I did move these ones back to the pavements so they are no longer posing a threat to cars. I hadn't realised that the new bins were all merely 'placed' on the pavement ready to blown about in the wind. I wonder if securing them to the pavement somehow may have been a useful idea in hindsight.

There's also a broken fence (pictured left) on London Road A24 just before Evans Autos (or after if your coming down the other way). Mind you I can't remember if this was like this before. That fence has always been a bit in need of repair.

Also a tree falling across two lanes of the A3 has also also been causing traffic jams (don't look so surprised!)

Please email me if you have spotted (or experienced) anything else. Hope you are all safely indoors and not being too effected by it all.