Saturday, 21 December 2013

Big Brother Was Watching You For A Day

A few weeks ago I received an email from a gentleman in Buckland Way. He wrote:
"As I opened my curtains this morning I was confronted by not one but two cameras attached to the lamppost opposite. The cameras are located in Buckland and are angled towards the entrance of the footpath that leads from the Hamptons, across the recreation field and out into Buckland Way. The residents as far as I am aware have not been informed as to why they are there, the duration or who fitted them. I assuming it is to record peoples movement from the Hamptons or to measure the diabolical parking of parents picking up [children] from Dorchester Primary School."
As dutiful blogger I went to check out said cameras for myself and indeed there they were as described pointing (more of less) at the entrance to the park as shown here (on the left).

The next day I had a further email which said:
Same lamp post the next day
"Then at 5.30am this morning (yes really at that time) I was awoken by the noise of someone putting some aluminium ladders up. Now knowing it was too early for the window cleaner (and he doesn't work Sunday's) I got out of bed and looked out of the window to see a guy in a white transit van taking them down."
I asked the local police sergeant if he knew anything about them but he didn't.

A quick check of the company who owns the equipment, MHC Traffic Ltd, shows they are a company dealing with various types of tracking and surveillance including 'bluetooth tracking' whereby they track the movements of any individuals using bluetooth technology past a number of 'pre-defined cordon points'. All very interesting.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on who and why someone was so interested in that particular public pathway for that particular 24 hour period...