Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wasn't I Supposed To Be Somewhere Tonight?

If you have had that feeling all day that there is something you needed to remember to do but can't quite remember what it was? Well the blog is here to help!

Tonight is the night when the HG Wells in Cheam Common Road is playing host to Worcester Park Blog readers as they munch their way through some free sandwiches and snacks and enjoy a drink while finding out who writes all this gumph (keep an eye on the TV Screen...).

It all starts around 7:30pm. If you are coming from North Cheam you could even use the newly refurbished bit of Cheam Common Road to get there! See you there!

Update (The next day)

A big thank you to everyone who turned up and made it a very enjoyable night. It was great to have met a good number of blog readers and have a chat over a beer (or wine is some cases). Thanks very much to the HG Wells for putting on the free food. We even ended up with some left over. I believe a good night night was enjoyed by all! Thanks.