Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thieves About

I have just received a worrying message from a blog reader. The message is:
"Just been told by the gardener that there is a gang of eastern europeans robbing people in Worcester Park area. He had collected money from the bank and returned to his car parked in Waitrose.  A woman knocked on the car window to say he had a flat tyre.  A knife had slashed it, when he got out the car to check they tried to grab his money.  It was a gang of six and the police are aware of this happening before but have been unable to do anything other than warn people."
If anyone know anything please contact the police in any of the usual ways:

  • Dial: 101
  • Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhood Team: 0208 649 3590
  • Anonymously if you prefer – Crime stoppers: 0800 555 111
  • In an emergency always dial: 999
Hopefully these *people* (insert your own adjective and noun here) will be caught and dealt with quickly.

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pembury said...

I suppose these are the immigrants the government says boost our economy!

lauren said...

"police are aware of this happening before but have been unable to do anything other than warn people." how about patrol the known areas, look out for this type of thing / use CCTV that is planted around the whole area and try to help solve the problems, we can all warn each other but doing something about it is more important!!

GM said...

And of course it only takes 2 comments for the racism to start. I'd be interested to know how these people are known to be "Eastern Europeans" and what this is actually supposed to mean, after all its a rather large area with a huge diversity. Are they blonde? Brunette? Tall? Short? Fat? Thin?

The vast majority of immigrants ARE boosting the economy as proportionately they are more likely to be working adults and in some form of employment and thus paying taxes, than the UK born population.

Criminals are heinous regardless of their nationality.

Nichu said...

It seems odd that the police are unable to do anything with a gang of six robbers. After the highly successful case of reuniting someone with their mobile phone reported some weeks back, you'd think they'd be on a roll...

Mac said...

I don't care what colour , race or creed they are or seem to be...get the damned police on the gound...thsi wishy washey, '...we are aware...' well so are we and we pay your damned salaries...stop shining your trousers on office seats and get out on patrol.

Sherlock said...

Having pondered this long and hard for about 0.2 of a second, I'm going to take a rough guess, that the "Eastern Europeans" were identified by what came out of their mouths, rather than the colour of their skin.

Barry said...


At the time of writing this , I see that GM has got 7 "ups" and you haven't got any. Seems to me that the tiresome 'Baa Baa Green Sheep' brigade are alive and well and living amongst us still.
But hey!... we have freedom of speech here, and anyone has the right to talk crap if they want to, and I presume I've got the right to ignore it...or not. Like you, I choose not to.
If the police have vaguely described them as 'Eastern European' then the police must have a damned good idea that's what they actually ARE!, and as you say, it's probably because of what came out of their mouths.... Is 'Eastern Europe' a race anyway?
The only bit of sense GM came out with was "Criminals are heinous regardless of their nationality". I quite agree.. He also should have added race, colour and creed, as that is roughly what the racial discrimination act says.
If I was robbed by a white guy, I'd bloody well say he was white. Likewise if he happened to be black, I'd bloody well say he was black... If he had "Vive la France" tattooed across his forehead I'd be an idiot not to tell the police he was probably French. ANY information that helps is better than keeping your mouth shut for fear of offending the Green Sheep brigade.
Interesting to note that GM's other suggestions ... "blonde? Brunette? Tall? Short? Fat? Thin?"... didn't include colour which I would guess is the first thing anyone... white OR black.. would notice about any assailant.

I would have left it at that, but I see that GM has opened a wider issue... I presume he saw the TV report about immigrants, taxes and benefits etc. I also presume that GM either has a very poor, or a very selective memory because GM is actually WRONG in stating that the 'vast majority' of (recent) immigrants are benefiting the country financially.... whatever "vast majority" means. It's a typical term used by people with a bee in their bonnet, to impress their point when they haven't got the figures or, more likely, don't know what they're talking about.
I don't have the figures, and I'm only going by the TV report, but what it actually said was that certainly some immigrant groups.... it did name them but I'm not going to.... do actually pay more in taxes than receive in benefits. But some immigrant groups don't. However on balance, immigrants taken a whole, do put in more than they take out. But it hardly qualified for "vast majority" status.
If GM wants to take it any further then GM can take it up with the BBC because I just don't know and I don't know where the BBC got their figures from.
I've answered you Sherlock instead of GM as I feel I'd be talking to a brick wall of stupidity if I did otherwise....(free speech... I'm allowed to say that aren't I?). GM chose the wrong forum in this blog to raise this issue, but seeing as GM has, then GM should quote what he sees and hears, rather than inaccurate generalisations..... Just as I would do if I'd been the unfortunate woman attacked in the car park.....

Berry said...

Some time ago, I received some information, from an ex-policeman, about how useful all these CCTV cameras were in the prevention, and solving, of street crime in our area.... I'm not going to go into details here, but if you knew you'd be less than impressed to say the least. Forget all the crap you hear from the managers, and believe the guy with the spanner.... the guy who has actually done the job.
Cynically, I'd say the police are so strapped for resources these days that this type of crime takes secondary importance to the real issues....... like sending out a whole squad to recover a stolen that the owner had already traced to a known location. {blog forums passim}
Boys in Blue?.... gotta love 'em huh?

Barry said...

Many thanks to the contributor who sent me a private message, by SMS, supporting my argument and pointing out a couple of errors.
1. It is called the Race Relations Act and not the Race Discrimination Act
2. It was a man attacked in the car park, and not a woman as I stated.

Michael said...

"Interesting to note that GM's other suggestions ... "blonde? Brunette?
Tall? Short? Fat? Thin?"... didn't include colour which I would guess is
the first thing anyone... white OR black.. would notice about any

I took this to mean that colour was exactly what GM was asking but in an ironically amusing way. Perhaps I see too much depth in things people write.

Taking a single BBC news report to generalise is as bad as GM. Ironic as you use the exact same generalised argument to attack his generalising.

Thieves About said...

Whilst everybody is playing the political correctness card and nit picking let us not lose sight of the fact that there are predatory thieves operating in our area and the police need to step up on their presence in the car park and surrounding areas. Also if it is true that CCTV is not the 24/7 “eye on the world" that we have been led to believe that something is done about this to make it an effective form to apprehend or identify criminals.

Barry said...

Hi Michael
Thanks for your input here.
Yes, I take your point. I was of the opinion that GM was actually avoiding the colour question, in an ironically amusing way if you like. But on reflection maybe you could be right. However, none of the gang were stated as being other than Eastern European, so I think we know where this is heading. I just found it a bit crass that someone could throw in a racism issue when we're on the lookout for a potentially dangerous criminal gang. Racism is a serious issue, but GM has brought it to the wrong forum.
Second point. I don't think I generalised at all. But yes, sure I criticized GM's generalisations of a single BBC report because they were WRONG, and GM has used this to try and turn this forum in another direction. I saw the full report and I'll freely admit that I don't know if the BBC are right or not.... and more to the point, neither does GM. Yet again, the wrong forum to bring up this issue.

Barry said...

Hear hear!!

Michael said...

Again maybe I read into things too much but I took the GM comment about racism as in response to pembury which was the only other comment at the time and could indeed have been taken in a racist invoking way. I fail to see how your rather long response kept the subject on topic. In fact I think it has pretty much derailed it completely from what was initially a (to be read and ignored) passing comment. It's Friday and the wine is flowing so I am retorting when I maybe should just keep quiet. Good health to you sir!

Sherlock said...

Thanks Barry. Since you posted this, you seem to have kick-started some up votes for common sense! I do wonder how GM expects a description of a criminal to be provided, if the act of describing them is 'racist'.
Imagine GM providing a description of a criminal suspect to a police constable, 'the GM way'...
PC "Can you describe their ethnicity?"
GM "No, that would be racism!"

PC "Well, can you tell me their gender?"
GM "No, that would be sexism!"

PC "Well, can you at least describe their accent?"
GM "No, that would be regionalism!"

PC "At least tell me whether they were from the UK or not!"
GM No, that would be nationalism!"

PC "Hair colour? Any distinguishing features, like tattoos?"
GM "That would be 'appearancism'"

PC "Oh , for goodness sake, were they fat or thin?"
GM "That would be fatism"

PC "Well what about clothes. How were they dressed?"
GM "That would be classism"

PC "So basically, you refuse to describe them at all?"
GM "Well, OK, they were white, male, middle class, Christian, and straight. They spoke with an educated, London/Surrey accent, were married, lived in a 1930s semi, paid their taxes in full and worked in a bank".

PC "Right, we're getting somewhere!"
GM "But that's not their description, it's just politically acceptable to hate people like that!"

PC "Give me strength! And just how do you expect the police to investigate this crime without even the vaguest description of the criminal?"
GM "Of course you can't! So I accuse the police of not taking the offence seriously and investigating the crime properly - that's politically correct too, don't you know!"

guest D said...

Exactly, the police have to take into account peoples' Ethnicity, Sex and Age when describing scumbags. However that doesn't mean they are racist, sexist or ageist, but I hope they are scumbagist!

Barry said...

And good health to you sir.
Dare I ask if it's "red" wine or "white" you participating in the pleasure of..... whoops! now GM will be on his high horse!!...

Barry said...

Whilst your original reply continues to rack up the votes, I see that GM's comment stopped short at 9 three day ago, which gives me faith that some sanity still exists in WP.
Surely it couldn't be that GM ran out of internet cafe's to visit to rack up GM's own vote?.... (the cynical

Sherlock said...

Barry, you appear to have come up with a logical deduction for the strange GM voting!

Barry said...

And of course GM has failed to re-materialize to defend his position. Pity, I was quite looking forward to that.

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