Monday, 11 November 2013

Shops Late To Open Due To Traffic

Many shops in Central Road opened their doors later than normal today due to the extraordinary volume of traffic this morning - even by Central Road Standards. People simple couldn't get to their shops to open them on time after an accident between two cars closed one lane of the A3 at Hook.

The view up Cheam Common Road
Many side roads were jammed with cars that just couldn't get out into Central Road. Traffic was gridlocked all the way up to Cheam village. The manager of one local bank had to walk from there after the 213 he was on decided to terminate there and turn around as it was obvious it just wasn't going to move any further towards Worcester Park. Many people just parked their cars in whichever side street they could reach and find a space and walked the rest of the way.

A man in his 50s was taken to Kingston Hospital with back injuries following the accident which happened between 6:00 and 6:30am this morning. Traffic was just starting to ease off around 11am.

Update (Monday afternoon)

There was also a lorry fire on the M25 which closed three lanes of the clockwise carriageway. The fire which broke out at around 5:30am between junctions 10 and 11 (for the A3 and Chertsey) was caused by the brakes in the trailer overheating. Queues were back to halfway between junctions 9 and 8 with the lanes opening back up again around 7:30. There was a lot of damage to the articulated lorry which was carrying plastic pallets and a lot of acrid, toxic smoke.

This undoubtedly had an impact on our traffic situation as well.

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Barry said...

An accident at 6.30 am on the northbound A3 just before Hook underpass closing one lane causes gridlock through WP all the way back to Cheam Village until nearly 11.00 am?
Is someone pulling my leg or have things really got that bad?

Martin said...

It wasn't just WP that was was Ewell, Stoneleigh, Cheam, Raynes Park, fact all the feeder roads to the A3.....Stoneleigh to New Malden took me 1.5 hours by car, with hindsight I should have gone home and walked or caught a train.

Steve said...

Looking forward to increasing traffic and parking levels in the area. We appear to have significant spare capacity.

Nichu said...

These short car journeys are exactly why the roads are so congested in the first place.

Barry said...

Ref Martin's comment above. If the parallel route, the Kingston Road, was chokkers as well, there wouldn't be a lot of point in traffic diverting.
I'm still at a loss to understand how an A3 northbound accident just before Hook underpass could cause such havoc in Worcester Park.
Have you got the answer to that one Guest?

Andrew said...

The M25 was affected also, which backed traffic up all the way towards the A3 roundabout anyway. The accident at Hook just compounded it, holding up anyone and everyone who wanted to access the A3 or M25 from our neck of the woods.

But the point is valid I think, it won't be long before an incident somewhere regularly causes the A2043 to clog up more severely than it does at the moment and over a longer time period.

If you were to plot waiting times in the high street over the past two decades there is no doubt whatsoever that the trend is worsening, and there is absolutely no reason why this trend should plateau in any way. If you extrapolate it without radical changes happening somewhere somehow, then the result will be total gridlock each and every rush hour.

Andrew said...

True! But when I have to drop my daughter at school before I go to work, it takes me more less exactly an hour to travel the 9.3 (according to google maps) miles to Croydon. So I've reached the theoretical limit already without noticing it.

I would imagine reaching an average speed of 9mph between Cheam and New Malden would be the holy grail for most drivers before 10am!

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