Thursday, 14 November 2013

Shops Getting A Face Lift

Anyone going past the shops at the top of Central Road can't help but have noticed the scaffolding that went up on Monday. This is another part of the improvements to Central Road as made possible by Boris and his Outer London Fund.

This time it is the aesthetic upgrading of the shop fronts in Central Road, hopefully contributing to an overall improved look for the area. The idea is that the businesses will contribute a percentage of the money towards their own shop fronts and the rest will be paid for out of the funds.

The picture on the right shows the sort of thing they are looking to achieve with this. More details about the proposals can be seen in a pdf document which you can download here.

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guest ab said...

Lets all hope they do a far better job on this, than the second rate plans/works carried out to Central Road and adjoining roads.
If not WP will end up looking like a second rate circus arena !!!!!!!!

Nandos for WP please said...

The Pocket Park at the parade of shops at the station looks like a great idea along with a new station access point which would link up well with the new lifts. I do hope they go ahead with it. The Trader's Association did vote for it but it appears this strategy has got the go ahead.

RobDavies said...

If you google in images for "WP 0858 Bruce " there is a nice colour photo taken in the 1950's of the shops by the bridge. Somehow it remind me of a sea side town. If Worcester Park looked like that again I'd be happy!

Freedom for North Cheam said...

Will there be any money left for North Cheam? (which should have been done first)
as there needs are more dire.

I bet we up here don't get half the amount spent here as the Worcesters got.

Barry Cullum said...

Fantastic picture!
This is taken from
There are many more historical...some might say hysterical.... pictures of Worcester Park railway bridge to be found here.

Go to this site and click the "Local History" tab, then the "Worcester Park" tab

Barry said...

I bet you could do a lot more with it though!

Alex said...

Whoever knocked up the proposed image appears to possess artistic skills that haven't yet progressed beyond painting by numbers!
Why not restore the Art Deco era shop fronts to look like what they are - Art Deco shop fronts?... Rather than like a background from a Disney cartoon?

Alex said...

Linda, take a good look at Victoria House. That's what happens when Sutton Council 'bravely' spends our money on a building. Imagine the same illustrious team doing the same on Drury & Cole? Let's be honest, sheets of graffiti plastered on and falling off wouldn't be an improvement. [Cynical? Well, if they couldn't even work out which way the bench outside the library should face, what chance is there of them knowing anything when it comes to tougher questions about suburban planning and design?]

Sutton Council's Outer London Fund seem to have mastered pushing out junk mail about revitalising the public realm, but beyond that point, they seem utterly clueless about what it actually means. [Well, other than periodically handing over a case of cash to someone who goes by title 'artist']. Yes, Drury & Cole is an eyesore, but Sutton Council spending anything on that building would be yet another case of another five minute wonder, throwing away good money after bad.

guest D said...


I agree with you, restore the shop fronts to their original splendour rather than make them look like a 90 year old in a belly top.

Gertrude Roberts said...

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