Saturday, 30 November 2013

Playground Was More Poplar

The playground in Cuddington Rec looks to be open again after having to be closed due to the danger posed by two huge poplar trees which were damaged during the storm in October.

I was pleased to see the sign on the gate (see below) explaining the situation. All too often we the public are confronted with an odd situation regarding something in the local community without any way of finding out what's behind it. So this simple explanation was very welcome. I would have liked to see a new sign put up, now that the trees had been pruned, just to make it clear that the playground was actually open again. This one did say that once the pruning is completed they can open it again - the trees are all pruned and the locks that had graced the gates are no longer there, so I made the assumption that it was now open. That bit more clarity would have been the icing on the cake but it's a vast improvement on locked gates with no explanation why.

Unfortunately the blog understands that quite a few of the actual notices have been taken, and have had to be replaced several times. Perhaps they have become collectors items, or we will start seeing them in pawn shops or being offered to us by odd strangers in bars late at night... Or perhaps it's just some people not thinking about other members of the community...